Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

Game is in roughly an hour, lets see if we can show that we want to compete! I hope with the changes that they've been making with the team we can show that we really actually want to compete and have passion for the game. Here's to hoping!

Go Bombers Go!

Would also like to see that passion from your team, was kind of MIA last game. I realize this management/coaching mess has taken a toll on the team and that probably more than a few players are wondering about job security but the way to prove they want to stay is to put up their best effort every single game from now on. They have wonderful fan support to draw on when they need inspiration.

Hoping for a good, clean well-fought game by both teams and may the best one win.

Agreed! I don't mind if they don't win but come on show that you want to be on that field. If we pull out a win even better! I would be ecstatic I'm looking forward to the game I think that we might get shown something different than recent games. I'm sure it can't be much worse than the last game which was definitely the worst one out of all the games this year.

Winnipeg started off strong; defense is playing well. Oline still needs some work but much better playing this week than previous showings.

Some interesting plays and just took the lead in the second quarter with their first TOUCHDOWN. Aaron Kelly has been playing great and WOODS has been having an excellent game.

Winnipeg can win this game if they keep playing this well; they just need to keep up their effort and show they want the win

At least we are competing and showing some fight and emotion ! 17 14 at this point in the game is more than anybody expecting !

In the first quarter, RT Douglas was getting owned by Chick.

So, in the second quarter, they sat him down, bounced RG Swiston out to RT and brought Kowalczuk in at RG.

Don't know if that was Burke`s call, Bellefeuille, or the O line coach.

But what did TSN tell us about it. . . not a word. Pay attention gang.

Second half is always their down fall; they really need to pick up their game in the second they always have troubles. Maybe should have left Douglas he might have been keeping the emotions and the players in the game. Who knows but they need to do something to get back in it.

GOLTZ FOR A TD! NOW if only the bombers D can finally do a two and out. They've given up points on every saskatchewan drive in this second half

Now that's the kind of loss I can stomach.We tried. They are a good team. Rookie mistakes, but we played with heart, determination and confidence. Henoc was the best player on the field, again ! Things are looking better. Too bad about Woods. Goltz and Bolts both looked OK.

Goltz should be the starter for the rest of the season. He made some mistakes but that can be improved with more playing time.

The score looks more lopsided thanks to some bad turnovers by Goltz in the 4th quarter giving the Riders an easy 17 points. It was a good first half for the Blue and I think it's fair to say they outperformed most expectations. The team maintained its struggles coming out of halftime again. They need to do something to get the motors on the players in gear sooner.

Douglas was terrible for the most part - slow getting out of his stance and slow feet. I'm not sure if its just not having played in a game in so long or whether the injuries have taken their toll on his mobility, but by and large he was a liability out there. January had his issues as well though, but Douglas was quite noticeable.

Damn it's nice to have Watson in the lineup again.

Etienne looked like he might have sprained his neck on that one tackle where his head was torqued Hope he's good to go for next week. Poblah just doesn't look like he's giving a full effort out there. Maybe if they start Swiston at RT and Kowalczuk at RG they can use Sims-Walker in Etiennes spot. The problem with that is that Kowalczuk is their only NI backup Olineman, unless they take Pencer off the 9 game finally.

What happened to Kelly after the half? They had some success going to him early and all but forgot about him after halftime.

It was interesting to hear on the CJOB pregame show that the team is monitoring 'loafs' as a stat, plays on which it appears guys are not giving 100% effort from whistle to whistle. It was mentioned someone on D last week had double digit loafs and the suggestion was it was Mainor. Watching Peach play a lot in Mainor's spot today seems to bear that out. For just having been here a week I though Peach looked OK. Turner had a quiet game on the Dline.

Goltz showed some good things. Then he showed himself to be quite the rookie with some of his mistakes in the 4th quarter. Still, I think he deserves to play in the rematch even if Hall is healthy.

Henoc is a beast. Number of hard hits today, was physical with Sheets as they kept him under 100 yards on the day. Why does his brother Cauchy shy away from laying a lick on people in the backfield? The only time he comes with force is when he blitzes.

They should've gone after Dwight Anderson more in the 2nd half. The guy blew a gasket in the first half, he's prone to the PI call, getting another one in the 2nd half would've caused him to unravel again. They failed to take advantage of that.

There were some guys that just made plays on offense today both ways. Some really great catches in tight coverage.

Madjack, aside from missing the change on the Oline, there were numerous gaffes by the TSN crew. My favourite one was Rod Black saying the bombers were one of the worst teams against the run in the league early in the first quarter, despite them being one of the better teams and they haven't given up a 100 yard runner yet all season, which considering Sheets coming in had over 100+ yards in 7/8 games would've been a good talking point. About 10 minutes later Rod mentions how the bombers are one of the best teams in the league vs the run. He just doesn't seem to prepare for his job whatsoever.

Well, the Free Press is reporting Douglas hurt his hamstring on the 2nd play of the game. I'm guessing the rest of the time he was on the field he was injured and finally had to be taken out.

They hung with the Riders longer than I expected. Creehan is useless as a DC.

Man it was wonderful to see your team come out fighting, Dan38 - they gave us a good game for most of 3/4s - couldn't have been easy in front of that massive crowd. Like most of what I saw from Justin - he does need to drop the silly end zone celebration tho' - as Mattie said at half-time - it came back to bite him. Your D did a solid job of stopping Kory from a 100 yard game - give them big creds for that. The Bombers never gave up and that TD run by Justin - thing of beauty - porous D on our part. I expect that the Banjo Bowl will be The game for the Bombers - hometown crowd, another start for Justin - hopefully - and some more tweaks from Marcel - should be one heck of a game.

Well the line gave Goltz much better protection after that change was made; if they want to spin it saying Douglas was hurt, I'm okay with that.

But why did NO ONE on TSN happen to mention it?

I personally believe Goltz should have celebrated his run; the celebration in the end zones make it entertaining to watch. Provides more confidence and drive for the team, and in a touch place like Mosaic helps against the 13th man. The trouble was defense was having difficulty in the second half against the passing game.

Goltz than started to try to force plays which ended up creaming them in the end. Lots of poor mistakes but other than that probably one of the best games I have watched from the blue bombers all season. The effort was actually there, they were trying and they did a lot of good things. Fix up just a couple of people and maybe we will have a team who can compete.

I see a lot of positives happening on and off the field at the moment; hopefully they can continue it. I truly hope they don't just have one decent game and decide everything is fixed now; they have to continue looking for upgrades and looking at improvements. This got more drive out of the players which definitely shows on the field.

Next game, the Banjo Bowl!

Well, thanks mowich, I think. Congrats to your team. They are good in all facets. It was entertaining for a while....

Why didn't they?

Rod Blacks game day prep - scan the roster, identify 3-4 of names he can talk something about over and over. In this case, the only guys he seemed to prep on were Durant, Sheets, Simon, and maybe Rob Bagg and Chris Getzlaf a bit. He had no clue what he was talking about when it came to anyone else.

Duane Forde - memorize what CIS program the non imports came from and talk about the CIS ( I certainly learned more about levi steinhauer than I really needed to), maybe a little about the player as well.

Then they had their one or two talking points, mainly how the riders have dominated the Labor day game in recent years. Rinse, repeat, over and over until the final gun sounds, and you have a Rob Black- Duane Forde telecast.

And Madjack, I'm with you. The problems on the oline were less noticeable after they switched out Douglas. If Douglas and/or Boatman are not fitting the bill at RT, then why waste an import spot there. They are better off finding another NI backup and going 4 NIs on the line and plug in another import elsewhere, or find another import to play that spot. They can't waste an import spot on one that can't get the job done.