Winnipeg @ Sask - Western Final

I have to say I was a bit surprised with the Winnipeg blow out of Calgary. I don’t think lightening will strike twice for the Bombers, ie three picks, but that rushing attack will likely keep Shivers up all week. I do think our front 7 is better than Calgary and Calgary was without Law in there.

I expect out front 7 to put far more pressure on Collaros.

It’ll be close

Should be loud. Lotsa Peggers coming to town, I’m sure

Quite an interesting turn of events that we would having to deal with ZC as opponent QB.
The Defense will definitely have to preasure Zack constantly and try to rattle him into pulling it down and taking a hit or cause an interception.
Give ZC enough time and he will pick us apart.
Lapol is the hidden advantage that Shivers may not be able to neutralize.
We need to play a penalty free game

So how serious exactly is Fajardo’s injury?
I’m not getting a real sense with all the hype and general statements.

I was shocked with Bo-bo’s collapse in the West semi. I think the Stamps were also not ready for Streveler to play as much as he did with a broken bone in his foot. ::)… Ya right. Sorry, I am not buying into anything the Bombers are telling the media.

According to the Nov. 13th interview, Coach Dickensen will be dressing all 3 Rider QBs and says all 3 will see some playing time. Good. That means W has to plan for all 3.

Looking forward to our toothless, banjo picking neighbors to the East of us dropping some $$ in Regina this weekend. Sorry - not sorry.

This will be a tough game - ALL 3 units must play strong, aggressive, error free (& penalty free) Rider football.

Go Riders Go !

Bad enough that he isnt 100%. Good enough that he can still run wind sprints and will be 100%. Could just be mind games as well by Coach D and Cody F. Wouldn’t that be something if he throws for over 400 yards and 5 TDs?

Read an article in Winnipeg Sun. Collaros has full play book but the biggest adjustment for him is the terminology and play calling, Assuming at the line of scrimmage also. Interesting, 13th man has a real opportunity here.

Personally I think the “13th Man” will be crucial in this game. If that 13th man doesn’t show up (as in numbers and LOUD)…well…our chances aren’t nearly as good IMHO. Stating the obvious, I know.

Getting closer and closer to a well out. Would say probably less than a thousand seats left.

For what it’s worth…

Here’s a Madden 20 Simulation if the 2019 West Final !

“2019 CFL West Final - Madden 20 Simulation?

I like it. 17-10 good guys

Ti-Cat fan here, Let’s go Rider’s


To make it more real - crank up the crowd noise about 20%


Go Riders Go !

Bombers favoured to come in and win in Mosaic by the writers.
I believe the teams (Players) are matched, It’s the coaching that will win this one.
Shivers will definitely have his hands full dealing with the offensive guru LaPolice.
Playing penalty-free with no turnovers could be the determining factor on Sunday

Yeah they’ve been in love with the Bombers all season. No surprise here. But I think we will pull this one out thanks to a strong defensive outing.

Gotta say im nervous. I hope Cody is in less pain than im thinking and that Dickenson is just saying 3 qbs so that richie hall has to game plan for other possibilities. Im hoping the D comes up big, im looking to AC Leonard to come up big as Hughes and Johnson swallow up the double teams. Heres to a big game from Powell our run game, and penalty free football.

Go Riders

It will take a strong defensive effort, and all phases of the game, Really to bad it turned out this way, but all in all, the riders have turned in a great season. Let’s hope the season continues.

A lot of talk about Fajardo’s injury. Riders have been up front about his recovery and feel he’s good to go. The bombers on the other hand have been quiet about Streveler’s injury. I really wonder if he will be as effective this week as he was last week.

Fajardo will be starting.

Temp will be 3C at kick off, dropping to 1C by end of game.

Nice day for some football.

Go Riders Go.

Well I got to confess, ‘‘was I wrong’’ at the beginning of the season! Never did I expect this teams season standings about 2-3 weeks into this years season, what a putz I was. Got to give credit where credit’s due and has this team become a joy and contender. Hat’s off and best of luck !!!