Winnipeg Rifles

Did not know they played at IGF and hope that there is a following for the team. Sad that they have to deal with such a brutal location but fine once you are there I am told.

Have never heard of any Bomber involvement in the Rifles and wonder if they could not help with recruitment. Same for the Bison. Occasional training camp invites is all I remember.

Fans attending junior football is a way to grow the fan base and to support Amateur football. It would be nice to see more players come from these ranks versus U.S. colleges.

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They play in St.Vital.
Why would any sane person think IGF would be a brutal place to play football? It is one of the best facilities in the country.
A few Rifles players have been invited to training camps for years now.

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In fact the only other football stadium worth mentioning in the same breath is Mosaic, so IG Field is one of the two best in the country, although apparently brutal.

Remember who is unsurprisingly doing the negative posting on a Bomber thread that he started.

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Poor location is what I said and it is. My uncle gave up his long time tickets over the traffic congestion and hour long commutes from Transcona.

How is that tax generating retail center at the old Winnipeg stadium doing by the way? Perfect location for an empty lot apparently.

I have also said it is a poor location, but only when 33,000 people are trying to get to the game. The location shouldn’t bother the Rifles or the Bisons. And they have the best facility of any junior team or Uni team in the country. I live 15 minutes away on a normal day. On game day it takes 20. In 2013 it took an hour.

The retail center was a dream of David Asper years before IG Field was built. It has nothing to do with the Bombers.

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What number did Blaise Bryant wear for the Bombers?