Winnipeg releases Michael Bishop

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Now, can we finally say his CFL career is over ?

Never bet against the Bishop! :wink:

A rifle for an arm, yet wild as a mongoose.

That was… brief.

and hello Regina


He was signed as an emergency backup due to injury, so of course it was. Just like with Calgary earlier in the year.

Not sure why it's required so many threads. :stuck_out_tongue:

one good bishop is worth 3 pawns of satan

nah, he'll never be back in Saskatchewan. they already know he's not good enough.

I guarantee you every single Bomber fan said that too.

The difference is Durant’s injury is actually serious.

They have Dinwiddie as their second stringer, possible starter if Durant is smart and doesn’t try to keep playing. I don’t think they know that ANYONE is not good enough at this point.

You never know. It wouldn’t surprise me.

Was kind of a waste of energy for everyone making fun of the Bombers for bringing him back, though. Didn’t even dress for a game.

The Riders can still get Printers for cheap I bet. :smiley:

....the gypsy quarterback will most likely be on Tamans list....They still have four games left and no qb....enter Michael...Who knows maybe he'll hang around there for 2012... :roll:

Perhaps they sign him again in Toronto.

i hope he isnt paying for his own plane tickets to and from the states everytime someone signs him. And hopefully he had lots of vacation time left, and thats how he is able to keep playing for a month or two at a time. Gotta admit, he knows his role, and accepts it.

I wouldn't touch that dude in a million years.

For the last 4 games, I would welcome Bishop with open arms.

That's exactly why he keeps getting signed in these emergency roles, yeah. He's a fairly popular guy in the locker room, knows the league, and is willing to come up and fill in for a week or two knowing full well he'll be cut. It's really kind of strange how this forum likes to make a big deal out of it.

...winnipeg pulled the trigger too soon...the stamps could've traded Reynolds for Bishop to be a backup for Tate...

Better than Bishop imo.

Of course, after speaking to Bishop multiple times and realizing his lack of intelligence first hand, my opnion shouldnt be surprising lol

Hardly. Printers still isn't a "team" guy. I'm pretty sure a locker room poison is not on the Riders wish list right now. :stuck_out_tongue: What they need is a QB coach.