Winnipeg recievers

Ticats dont have the same type of.recievers

Collaros throws into triple coverage and these guys come down with it



that catch from Demski was extremely impressive.




Three strikes and you're out.

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Banks and Acklin could possibly due something like that but not sure of the others

I'll be up to bat again

They dont have the size. They have to run themselves open.not that they cant

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I know you're going to yell at me b/c I'm on your site
But face facts Hamilton is average

A lot of those completions that Collaros made tonight would not have worked against the Ti-Cat secondary.

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Acklin is 6'2 so does have size

Do you not remember.
Grey Cup?
First game 2021?

wake up, would you like cream in your coffee


We had guys injured in the 1st game. The Cats secondary is now healthy and playing lights out. I thought the BC defensive backs did not challenge Lawler and Demski during some of those jump balls. The Ti-Cat DBs woud have knocked those passes down.

No, Bombers will not beat us with a 400 yard passing performance by Collaros. Instead they will beat us on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Swarm our QBs and then run the ball down our gut.

Also I don't drink cream. I'm lactose-intolerant.


No prob, hopefully see you in the Grey Cup

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You mean the cup where the cats were by far the best team during the regular season... Only to lose to the underdog?

Don't get too ahead of yourself my man.

Bombers look really formidable right now and Iā€™d expect them to get back to the Cup but we all know lots of things can change in this league in the second half of the season. We also beat them twice in the 2019 regular season, really meant squat when it counted.

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Be humble dont be a A*$#@ and come in here and gloat, your team was "average" in 2019 and got a boost at the right time with Zach.

Sadly your mistaken, Bombers had a above average team 2019, hurt by QB injuries.
Short version recap 2019. Without QB injuries 8/2 with QB injuries 3/5 and 3 of those loses were by 4 points or less. Fact find before you make a statement.

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I love when we get to change our wins/losses due to injuries. Sounds like a pretty normal football thing :slight_smile:

Facts, lol.

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It's the strength more than height. I don't think he's ever broken a tackle