Winnipeg Puke Bombers?

I thought those puke coloured jerseys were retro or something. I can understand why they didn't change jerseys on the wins streak, but we're the Blue Bombers, not the Puke Bombers. (though the way we've blown grey cup chances in the last few years, they might want to consider changing their name to Suicide Bombers)

I just can't stand looking at those puke colored jerseys anymore. How about you?

umm if you have gold puke then thats kinda... different but no these jerseys are good luck so might as well wear em

Im not a yellow / gold coloured kind of person. I say take it three steps further. Get rid of Hamilton's Yellow/Gold, Winnipeg's Gold, and Edmonton's Yellow/Gold jerseys. Burn all three!

i actually really like those gold jerseys... but whatever

i dont really have a problem with those jerseys. They pretty nice and yeah we have lost like 1 game with those jerseys..(which had to be the grey cup).

I don't like the look. I've created my own dream Uni here:

[url=] ... esigns.htm[/url]

Like the Browns, We're so cool we don't need a logo on the helmet.

umm sorry to say the browns don;t have a logo on the helmet cuz they don;t have an official logo. and sorry man i don;t really like the ones u made.

edited - trolling

Nice job on the colors. And how could I not praise you for the detail in the crotchial region? Well done sport!


I took the basic picture from one of the uniform sites and cleaned it up a bit. Thought I’d leave in the crotchial lines out of respect.