Winnipeg Post-Game "Kiss the Witches" Thread vol XI

Eleven wins.
We beat the best team in the West.
If we don’t lead the Nissan Power Rankings this week, we never will…

Remember when we couldn’t complete with those superior west teams?

We now have the season series with 4 west teams.

2-1 on the dreaded West road trip. Should have beat Calgary.

Congratulations Simoni Lawrence on breaking the single game tackles record.

We are the best. And everyone knows it now.

This dominant win against the first place team in the west should lock up second spot in the Nissan Titan Power Rankings. Second spot? Well, it’s not like Winnipeg was expected to win under Streveler, right?


Its a beat down!

And Mitchell is back. Automatic choice.

Well they’d have to perceive us to be better than Calgary with BLM even though we have two more wins than they do. Stamps can’t use the excuse that they played several games without their #1 because we’ve played MOST of the season without our #1!

Anyway - great win, thought it would be a closer score but not upset with beating the 'Peggers by 20 and proving three-quarters of the CFL writers wrong. They didn’t give the Ticats a chance. Can’t say that the crowd at IG field was very loud after we took over the lead and kept adding to it. Sure shut them up in a hurry!
Read somewhere today that BBs had only lost their four games by a combined 12 points - eight of those were in the first loss to the Ticats but of COURSE they only mentioned the recent losses by 1 or 2 points! Well they laid an egg at home against the Ticats tonight.

Was hoping for a birthday present in the form of a win and got my wish! ;D

“BLM and Riders potential continue to take league by storm”

How painful was it for Suitor to watch Simoni break the CFL single game tackle record? ;D

If they don’t know it they should! That was a dominant performance on the road in a stadium that is usually very loud and challenging to play in. Of course they shut the the crowd up by the end of the first quarter so noise was no longer a problem. ;D
Streveler was looking rather defeated against our D by late in the game.
The D didn’t let up and did a great job containing their running attack for the most part. Offense looked as good as it has all year. Only concern was the penalties that they kept taking on STs but at least it didn’t come back to bite them.

Guess they can’t see far enough east to see who is REALLY taking the league by storm! ::slight_smile: :wink:

And nary a penalty. Not even a borderline tackle.


That’s ok, we have a good thing going on - no need to be on a car manufacturers power ranking list.

Grey Cup is the prize.

The players excuted well tonight but a big thumbs up to the coaches for their game plan.

Offence: needed to exploit the Bomber’s soft secondary.
Defence: needed to shut down Harris and Streveler from running wild.
ST: needed to contain Janarion Grant.

Check on all three accounts.

Orlondo and staff take a bow. :slight_smile:

Agree - even if I do like my Nissan!

Yes they need to have a great game plan but the players needed to execute and they certainly did, so kudos to the coaches and players for planning and playing so well! :slight_smile:

Who would have predicted that after this Western road trip, we’d have taken 2 of the 3 games & the one we did lose was only by a single point?

So proud of these guys & the way they play!

Great to see.