winnipeg overrated?

all season we hear how good glenn is, we hear about the legendary stegall, sir charles roberts, how good the offense is, how good the defense is... on the other hand, we hear how toronto is struggling this year, and montreal is too...when toronto matches winnipeg in wins, and montreal is 1 behind.. montreal and winnipeg have been neck and neck for 1st all season.

what makes winnipegs season more successful then toronto or montreals?

And the Winnipeg fans who claim the best team in the league title isnt clear cut get a lil bit quieter.

I don't think they are over rated, they are struggling right now but I still think they are a very dangerous team.

woe is the team that underestimates the Bombers. and I hate the Bombers

Call them whatever you like. Fact is they lost in TO, a place they never win, they lost at home to BC in a close one and they lost to Calgary on the road, again not the easiest place to get a win.

They have had a very tough schedule. Call it choking if you like but they have hung in, in all those games, just didn't get enough for the win.

Piggy my friend do not mean to bring this up but many of the bomber faithful were saying they had a easy schedule ahead of them I mean two games against the Stumps. Do you recall this. :lol: :lol:

Well, I have to think a few people are surprised by the return of Hank and the resurgent defence. As for an easy schedule, well clearly those folks don't know much about the CFL. Rarely is any game easy.

heres my opinion on my team. we are not over rated . we shoot ourselfs in the foot when it really counts, and start slow. and i put all the fault on the coaching staff. Taman built a great team this year with alot of high profile players. and when on all cylinder are unstoppable. thats why winnipeg is haveing the so called more succesful season. they are the team we say they are when they put it all together.

untill the bombers start earning their wins, they are over rated

i can make a list of far to many problems right now for them to be considerd contenders... choking and choking hard IMO

started off to fast to finish first in the marathon

This is the third thread I've seen like this... I guess you all think that the Bombers don't have the best talent and can't get it done. But most fans aren't Blue fans and most don't want to see what's clearly in front of them. Sorry, but the Cup will still be between Wpg, and Sask. Enjoy!

Lets call a spade a spade. If Winnipeg keeps playing the way they are, they will not be in Toronto in November. They certainly have the talent but they are having problems. The team should sit down with the coaches and work things out. Get on the same page or Winnipeg will be golfing in November with 5 other teams.

Currently, Winnipeg seems overrated because of losses under a schedule of tough opponents. But in the preseason, winless 0-2 Winnipeg is underrated. So teams can be either overrated or underrated at different times from constant change. Still, the best measure is the entire season and Winnipeg is afterall slightly ahead of Toronto and Montreal.


Its my belief that if Bishop hadn't been injured the Argos would sitting at at least 11 wins by now with Winnipeg and Montreal at about 7 and 6 wins. But injuries are part of the game and we are where we are. However if Winnipeg loses the next game against Calgary the Argos will finish first.

You are right! The bombers defence is playing like girls (no disrespect intended) right now and it hurts me to admit it. However, they are my team and the war is not over just yet.

I hate to bash other teams, but I have to agree, I personally do think Winnipeg is overrated.

Milt Stegal definately has the right to be labled a legend, and to be the talk of the game. The "Sir" Charles Roberts part does bother me a little bit, but he is a gamer, and can be the difference maker.

At the same time, theres guys like Joffrey Reynolds, who has 200 yards less than Roberts, at the same time as having about half the carries he does. I've never heard TSN refer to him as "Sir" Reynolds, or anything for that manner.

Kevin Glenn is having a career year for sure. He is ranked #1 in passing yards in the CFL. He should be passing for 5,000 yards this year, so in my opinion, Kev does deserve the credit he is getting.

I don't think Winnipeg is terribly overrated, but I do believe they are somewhat overrated. It is true, that in the Bomber games, you hear nothing but the postives of Winnipeg. You hear about the #1 Offense in the league, but at the same time, you can't rant about Winnipeg, and say Toronto is having a bad season, whey they have a identical record.

In my opinion, Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto have underachieved this season, and I think for that reason, that any of these 3 teams, will be a pain in the arse when Grey Cup comes around.

Pigseye, I hope your right regarding Wpg and Sask. That would be awesome.

I would love to see nothing more than Saskatchewan representing the West in the Grey Cup, be a change. But I think B.C is just too strong.

If B.C is to choke, it will be in the big game itself, in my opinion.

Awesome! another crystal ball! Better hope it doesnt have a crack in it!

I had that happen once before, but I got some ointment from the doctor and it healed right up.