Winnipeg over Edmonton

Congrats to the Blue Bombers on their huge victory over my Eskies. Winnipeg defence are one tough bunch.
Buck Pierce/Fred Reid; Rock on :thup:

...I don't want to take away anything from the win....but a challenge flag should've been thrown by Reed on the catch by Denmark....Kavis blew that one....BUT even so Bomber defence dominated...they're one tough bunch and with a depth we've never seen for a very looooong time :wink: ..Backer....i think you have to find a Bomber logo :lol:

The best game I've seen this year, bias included. What I really liked was how well our NIs played . A total team effort.

.......I'm glad you're a class act backer and picked a guy for your avatar that probably was the best Bomber ever....BUT i'm an old bias guy.....Nice touch :thup:

I picked this logo as Kenny Ploen was the Quarterback in the first game I ever saw at McMahon Stadium in Calgary - 1964.


Man it looked like those guys had too much fun tonight! AS a fan I can say I loved the performance, these guys put on a helluva show, treat to be there! :rockin:

That sound you just heard was the rest of the league saying "Holy &%^&!"

what an awesome game that was to be in the crowd at.. and backer, you're a class act.

:thup: to backer.

The thing that continues to impress me the most is the way guys keep stepping up when there's an injury. First Doug Brown isn't in the line-up and then Dorian Smith is hurt and the d-line doesn't miss a beat.

Great effort by the entire team.

Another stat I came across; the Bombers have won 4 games when trailing at halftime. If it wasn't for Duval having a great night in the punting part of the game the score would have been worse. Note; Renaud had a great evening too, both punters averaged over 50 yards.

Really hard not to love watching this team right now...they are havin' a blast out there...Hefney gave Stamps fits out there...Very happy for Brandon Stewart, been watching him for a couple of years now, rarely gets thrown at, and when teams do, they lose the ball...In every game this year, there seems to be a point where Swaggerville just says "That's All You're Gonna Get"...Points by the vaunted Edmonton O after the first half - ZERO. Buck was great again. Just gotta give him a bit of time and he'll find guys. Or find 48 yard plays of his own...

It's a VERY happy "First Place Saturday Morning" for Kubie... :smiley:


That is one amazing defence.

Defence wins championships. . . the Bombers have to be considered serious contenders for the Cup this season.

Just had to add my congrats to Winnipeg
Nice to see the Bombers so strong
After some rough seasons

Even if it does knock my Alouettes off their perch

Can't remember the last time i was this excited about our bombers. Fan support is amazing, that stadium was rockin last night!!! Playing lights out defence and the added inspiration of winning for coach Harris has made this team play even better. Offence is improving every week, buck is starting to show his toughness and abilities. With the bombers, the jets, new stadium being built it's just an amazing time to be a sports fan in this city!! Lets keep this thing going! :rockin:

...Somethings of note in the game last night....It may sound like nitpicking BUT...why the hell is there an exercise bike on the bloody sidelines without padding on it or at least some kind of soft barricade around it....I know it doesn't sound like much but that could've been a serious injury to any player getting bounced into that thing...There's enough to worry about without that b.s.....Buck was lucky he didn;t land squarely on it or any player for that matter....Fix it

...Is it just my imagination or is Buck a magnet for strange contact on the field....He got sandwiched by two defenders into the goal-post, on one play close to our goal-line...I thought he would come out of that with a nic but luckily was alright....I know he's in good shape but geez..the stuff Buck finds to run into other than defenders is unbelieveable...Stay upright my man ...we've got a lot of season ahead of us.. :rockin: GoBigBlue

....Burke is finding this team to his liking MadJack and the D luvs him....I said it before that he might have been the best acquisition in the off-season....He's proving it every game out...One thing we never had recently was a coach who could make sound adjustments at half-time....I think we've found our man :thup: :wink:

Even better than that. The last points scored by the offence was a FG at about the 6 minute mark of the 2nd quarter.

I saw the post-game press conference by Lapo at the FP website and he said that Dorian Smith was the only injury from the game.

Injury to DT Dorian Smith is what the team calls as a leg injury. Further evaluation is required on the nature of his status.

D'OH! Wish there was a way to edit a post after more than a few minutes after it was made. What I meant to do was make a comment about how we only allowed 3 points scored by the offence from the 2nd quarter on.

[url=] ... 85473.html[/url]

Injury update on D. Smith is upper ankle sprain, more news in the article above.

LOL...that's ok...I followed what you were sayin'