Winnipeg now, Regina Next!!!

so, now that Winnipeg has a new stadium coming.

Regina needs to get their butts in gear and follow suit!

seriously now!

Its the province of Sask that needs to get on getting it done. There is little to no chance Regina could fund it on its own unless it had some major corporate backing. Hopefully we can get our hands on some of the Feds money to get it done as well.

I wouldn't hold your breath on this one.. there will be a lot more talk in the next 5-10 yrs before you see any action...

I heard the project was approved at all levels of government, and they were ready to go, but the Riders turned up $87,000 short in their financial commitment......

hardy har har!....

Well, if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?

Besides Lions fans, of course.

The problem with Regina geting a stadium it requires so much more goverment funding to be built then the one in winnipeg does. That makes it harder to get the shovel in the ground.

This is a roll.....let's not stop in Winnipeg, move on to Regina, Hamilton and Ottawa.
Of course, Montreal did the major renos, so will BC and there is further talk in Edmonton and Calgary.
The league is on a roll.

Absolutely fantastic is all I can say! :thup:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You beat me to the punch! I was going to stir the pot and say" "If the Riders didn't keep exceeding the Salary Cap, they could afford a new Stadium." :lol: :lol: :lol: But then eveyone would get their knickers in a knot, start name calling, and then the thread would be locked!

Since Saskatchawan provincially is doing well, maybe they should look into building two stadiums one in regina and one in toon town.

Agreed. For the price of a domed stadium ($350M is what they're estimating), you could get two Asper-quality stadiums; one for Regina and one for Saskatoon.

Why stop at Sakatoon,why not Moose Jaw as well !
Why would Sakatoon need a Stadium ? there never getting a cfl team. Who would be the 2 investors to put up 100 milion each for the stadiums ?

Kasps, don't forget about Prince Albert... they could use a CFL stadium too! Jm could attend more games that way... :wink:

I hope you're kidding.

people need to get over the whole Saskatoon thing.


The entire project in Winnigpeg, public and private contributions, is pegged at $135M. The city of Regina and the province of Saskatchewan are discussing three options: renovating Mosaic, building a new outdoor facility, or a new domed facility. Estimates on the domed facility are around $350M. All I'm saying is, if they're willing to consider $350M for one stadium, why wouldn't they be willing to consider dividing that money into two stadiums? That's $175M each, more than Asper is spending on his stadium.

I wouldn't recommend building a stadium in Saskatoon without a private investor or a conditional CFL franchise, but what's the harm in floating the idea to Saskatoon's politicians and prominant business figures? If no one bites, then obviously don't do it.

If you stick a team in Saskatoon, it will kill 2 franchises, so to build a stadium there would be bad idea. The only way you build one is if you move the Riders to Toontown-- and I don't see that happening in this millenium.

Apparently Jack Brodsky is looking into building a stadium out by CUC and moving the Riders to Saskatoon. The plan is to connect the two, which would allow for greater conference use, as well as harmonizing the locker rooms, offices and training facilities between the CUC staff, Blades and Riders.

That would work if the CUC wasn't the most useless size for a stadium. Its to small for major events like an NHL or etc. But its to big that it looks akwardly emtpy during blades games. In my opinion they should have built an MTS sized stadium in saskatoon. Close off the upper decks during blades games but open them up during concerts and for the Islanders exibition games coming next year, or the world juniors.

Right. They kind of For the World Juniors, they are adding seats to both the lower and upper levels of the currently open end, with corporate suites in between, like the rest of the rink. This brings total capacity to around 17,000, I think. And it will allow them to just use the lower bowl for Blades games.