Winnipeg New Stadium .....round two

I am not sure why the thread was locked....but for the suggestion of one person.... here is the story that was referenced about moving to the University of Manitoba

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It is intersting....Asper can't anybody to give money to his original proposal. So he is trying, trying and trying again.....this is getting close to the old three strikes you are out.

Winnipeg needs this stadium, a few cities do, and could really strengthen the league, make them to last as long as the stadiums have for them and you're lookin at a huge huge increase in tax dollars. 40,000 seat stadiums, growing populations, expandable to 50 or 60 for grey cup. Anybody would be crazy not to.

My prediction - In a few years structural engineers will condemn part of the current stadium. The team will then fold. Then we'll get a stadium. The only thing that motivates Winnipeg to action is disaster.

Too many fingers in the pie. City politicians want it one place to justify pouring money into that area. Provincial politicians want it somewhere else so that no one can accuse them of bowing to greedy private business. Asper wants it where he can make money, but he wants federal, provincial and city money to do so.

And yet at the same time, no one else is allowed to submit proposals because the Bombers approved Asper's original bid.

What ticks me off it the fact that True North was vilified and ridiculed and yet has paid back the province, city and feds many times over for the Arena.

I would say it makes more sense to build the stadium at the old packer site like Ledohowski suggested. Cleans up an eyesore and brings needed investment to a tough area of town. The Polo Park location will be developed easily with or without a stadium.

...i tend to agree with you BigU....too many players....The longer this thing gets dragged out....the less chance we'll see a new facility....I would expect some sort of answer to this loooooong drawn out affair in the near future...but i won't hold my breath...Getting things off the ground in the Peg is akin to pumping air into a lead balloon ....hoping it will float....We need some sort of answer soon...before the ol girl at Polo Park collapses... :roll:

I believe if Asper hadn't been trying to screw over the city in the first deal. It would have went through with flying colors. However, when people looked at the money being put in by Asper it amounted to peanuts.

Based on what I have read both the Point Douglas proposal and the University of Manitoba proposal didn't have the big Asper commerical component to them. However, someone did say a caveat for the Point Douglas was that Asper had first right of refusal on the existing land.

It will be interesting to see if he has the same back door deal on this one.

I hope they get this stadium.

Canada needs a stadium czar to cut through all the B.S., but I doubt there a politician anywhere with the balls to appoint one. It's really depressing.

waste of money, a new stadium for 10 games per season, 5 years from now the politicians will be crying that the stadium is losing money. The blue bombers dont deserve a new stadium. they haven't earned anything.

As a guy who was born and raised in Winnipeg (St. B.) I know one thing for sure: THE toughest job in the country is separating a Manitoban from his cash. Public works projects, entertainment events, you name it; nothing gets done in the Keystone Province without a whole lot of handwringing and resurrecting the Depression. Manitobans are scared to spend a buck because they think hard times are just around the corner, no matter how bright today might be. No wonder the rest of the west booms while Manitoba sits and stews. A new stadium? Yeah, right.