Winnipeg @ Montreal

Kids, do not drink and post. When you do, you write crazy things.

Oh wait a minute, you thought they were hot on that shot? How many have you had? Zero so far here. :lol:

And just which cheerleaders then are hotter than the Felions? I'll have to check out Toronto's this weekend.

Stick a fork in them.

You know, I’m glad they’re finally showing TDKR trailers on TV, but they need a couple new ones, because this RISE trailer is getting old.

Darn I missed it. I'll take Paolo's word on it though.

The CFL has to take a hard look at those kinds of hits. That was a clothesline tackle at the very least if not also a facemask! How is that not a penalty as well? And what's with those refs standing right there to see it!

Edwards undressed #23 on that catch. And another big catch after that. So how many big plays have the Als D given up tonight? This is getting a bit ridiculous.

My god that duck hung in the air I could have shot it down from Regina.

This is a comedy of errors.

Trestman appears not to want to sit down Osaisai, let alone cut his lame butt, because then Calvillo can't be on the field more to be even more of a hero! :roll:

For play-calling like those last two downs after that penalty, Winnipeg have only themselves to blame. :thdn:

There is no excuse for not scoring a touchdown from the 5-yard line against the Montreal defence.

Turn over on downs…“TIME” …tick…tick…tick…ect.

Down by 11, chance to go down by 8 points and one score, and to gamble is an extremely poor thought out decision. That's kinda mistake one of us would make, you would expect a professional coach to be better.

Seemed like a terrible decision by LaPolice on that gamble. Might have made more sense if he had a better QB - - what was Buck trying to accomplish on that 3rd down?

And Winnipeg puts up zero resistence after the 3rd down failure. It's as if the defence just quit on that Montreal drive.

There is no excuse for the Bombers not scoring on TWO downs let alone THREE in that field position against such a defence.

I'll defend LaPolice's call to go for it on third down against that woeful defence against a high-power offence that would get the ball anyway as well, but the Bomber's offence beat itself on the first two downs though credit goes to Montreal on third down.

You're implying that they gave a crap before? They've looked bad all game long :wink: Actually both defenses looked pretty bad, they only time they seemed to put up much resistance was when the other team was near the goalline.

Looks like they're worn down to me. They've been on the field an awful lot this game. As usual the WPG offense didn't do the defense ay favors.

Bomber play calling in the red zone was pathetic.

Montreal must have some concerns on their secondary with these PIs

I'd agree with you if it was 3rd and 1 or 2 from the goalline, but they were on the 7. You have to give your team a chance at the win, while a field goal leaves some work to do, it's give a glimmer of hope.