Winnipeg @ Montreal

"I'm sure there were a few fans sayings, 'That was nice.'" Was that a shot at us for always complaining about Rod Black? :lol:

Wow. We still have 49 minutes left. This is a long quarter. :?

I'm still Still kicking Chief! Just doing work at the same time

Bomber play calling both offense and defence is way to conservative to start games, seems they have to get down by 2 scores before they get aggressive, very, very frustrating.

I started watching with 3 minutes left in the half, and here's what I notice.

[url=] ... treal.html[/url]

Above is the link to the game via the British feed on ESPN Live.

  1. Felions >>>>>> Alouette Cheeleaders ...only the Argos cheerleaders to defeat now for the title of hottest in the CFL.

  2. Winnipeg appears to have great defensive discipline at least agains the run and short pass except on that last series.

  3. The pornstache is to Buck Pierce as the long hair was to Samson (Wiki Samson and Delilah you kids). That guy is just plain tough, and who knows Pierce just might just end up taking the torch from Ron Jeremy too (Wiki him too you kids if you are 17+) when his playing days are over.

  4. With a guy like Osaisai on defence who apparently never learned how to keep on his toes and backpedal, why would Trestman have such faith in his defence so as to not concede a safety and give up a field goal? :roll: Good job by the Bombers to target Osaisai. :thup: Let's see if the Alouettes make the appropriate adjustment to yank him off the field.

Here's a TSN feed, but the transmitting viewer apparently is a doohickey and NASCAR watching TSN2 at halftime. He must have some relatives from the South in the US, makes his own moonshine, and spits tobacco too. :stuck_out_tongue:

[url=] ... treal.html[/url]

Then again, maybe Winnipeg has a chance if Montreal's going to forget how to catch a football. The last little while the Als receivers have looked like they're playing for the 2011 Argos.

If that vaunted Bombers defence can't defend outs and shorts as Montreal executed flawlessly on that drive, no way do they have a chance even if the Alouettes' defence leaves much to be desired.

We’ve seen that a bunch of times over; take eyes off the football just a split second before the catch.
TD Montreal as I type…24-13 Als.

Wow Montreal's defensive stupidity this season is appalling.

All the same, calling for Buck Pierce to run the option? :roll:

That 35C reported heat is hotter than here in Florida today, so maybe it's getting to folks' heads? :?

What are they up to on this drive, 50 yards of penalties?

Buck Pierce in the huddle: "OK GO OSAISAI RIGHT ON TWO ON TWO! "

Come on Als.

Diehard! :thup:

What'd I miss? Had to step out.

Helluva return! That guy is quick...

Wow punt return for TD with smart punt away even with NO YARDS on the ground! :o Good job Bombers!

Pretty awesome running right there. Bombers are right back in this thing now.

Who needs an offence when you got a Washington.......Demond.

Great game to start off week #2........punt return Bombers in a one point game now...24-23 Montreal

I noticed Montreal’s D also made a few mistakes in the second quarter. It definitely feels like the Als have regressed a bit this season.

Buck is so.......not a passer.