Winnipeg @ Montreal

Wow. They changed the Friday Night Football theme and it's even more annoying than the old one. :lol: :lol:

Yay. Second of four consecutive weeks our eyes are assulted by those fugly gold Bomber uniforms. Their helmets and uniforms don't even match...

Als are putting together a heckuva drive right now.

I can't believe the Bomber player was way into the offside zone - LaPolice is livid, but no touchdown as of yet.
Took a few tries but AD threw the TD pass......Als lead 7-0

I'm thankful I picked 31-40 pts for this game on the Rona pool...

Gee, at little less than five minutes to go in the quarter and the Bombers haven't even gone on offense....

Dude was practically lining up with the Als. :lol: That was a suspenseful two seconds on that TD. 7-0 Als. Nice start.

I'm looking forward to the first quarter stats... :lol:

Feels like a repeat of last week, except this time the Als are doing the blowing out. Turnover by Winnipeg.

:lol: I guess I spoke too soon. My bad. :oops:

Check out the game tracker; all Als so far... on track to extend their lead to 14-0.

I’m surprised a vet like AC would make that mistake. He was definitely beyond the line of scrimmage. :lol: Still, Als are moving again.

Wow. 14-0 Als after 1 quarter. With Winnipeg's offence, I think we can put this one in the books. :stuck_out_tongue:

When the time of posession is 10 minutes to 5 after one quarter and it's around 35C on the field, this could get out of hand really fast. That defence is going to be dog tired if it keeps up.

Come on, Green. You gotta catch that!

Nice grab by Davis on the pick. :smiley:

Rod Davis on the tip-up pick off........Als on the move again.

Bomber offense is still bad it seems. Oh well. Wife is a big Al's fan. She's happy. :rockin:

AC going to the lockerroom isn't good. :?

AC's back on the sidelines. :thup:

Did all the Bombers fans jump ship already? This thread is quiet. :lol:

Bombers O looks improved, but still...they are making silly errors