Winnipeg @ Montreal

Game starts in roughly 30 minutes.

The Als will be without Cobourne tonight. He said he's well enough to play, but not for 60 minutes. Whittaker will be replacing him. Does this give Winnipeg an advantage, or will it still be a Montreal romp?

News about Cobourne:

!00% guaranteed montreal beats someone tonight. Only question is, will it be wpg, or will it be themselves. Wpg isnt going to beat anybody tonight, no matter what lineup montreal fields. you can take that to the bank.

and thats the name of that tune.

Man, does anyone else think Dunningan overacts while doing Three Downs? Lord... :lol:

I didn't even see Green in the corner. I thought AC overthrew his man. :lol: Nasty spill into the gate. :?

Maypray was almost tackled by his own guy. That's pretty funny. :lol:

Tough miss by Duval, not like him.

Good first series by Bombers didnt amount to much but I thinkwhen Emry clocked Jyles it threw him off his throw on the second down haha!!

HAHA at the MTL guy almost tackling the returner.

Looking forward to a good football game.

GO BLUE! (always the optimist :smiley:)

Yikes. That's no good for the Bombers. :?

And lol @ Gord messing up the add. "Probably get fined for that." :lol:

Nice catch by Edwards

How does Montreal have the most penalties yards? I thought it would’ve been Edmonton or BC.

and the trend of missing PI calls continues

That was some fancy footwork by Whittaker. :o

Montreal rollin so far

Big drive coming up for the Bombers. They need a score before this gets too out of hand.

They may have missed one there (but I didn't think so), but I think they made one up out of thin air at the end of the quarter.

BOWMAN! What a loser!

I didn't know we traded Campbell to Winnipeg. :o

Absolutely they missed one there... the defender was dragging Greene down by his legs BEFORE the ball was even there

I think this one's gonna be done by halftime... :lol:

ok, so I never passed grade 8 english, but it just seems wrong to keep referring to a team as "IT"

Winnipeg is keeping it close.....