Winnipeg @ Montreal : A few highlights

with childs out with injuries, they should keep smith for a week or 2 b4 making a desion to keep or cut him.

....and sign montford, and cut hebert loose ( and make him repay the $40K the renegades paid him, which the bombers had to repay when they claimed his contract )..what good is hebert if he never plays?

i dunno. i dont care about hebert anymore. he can do whatever he wants. personally i hope taman keeps him suspended. im very annoyed with him lol. we dont need him anywase, but hey if he decides to come in and play hard for the bombers its a bonus.

also with smith, i hope childs gets better soon cuz smith isnt looking to hot. i think we should keep childs as number 2 and let smith get in shape, then when he's in shape see what he can do.

I saw his "tail" it's HUGE! LOL!
It's one heck of a BADONKADONK! LOL!

…he kinda look like a semi…poolin’ da’ pay load mon…hey …but he’ll be alright …he joos gut to quit doze big eatin habits…lol. lol sorry Onterrio… seriously though. IF …given a little time, he should return to form… :thup: :wink:

thanks for the insight third and marty......the bombers never even tried to establish a running game so we will have to wait till next week to see if the blob can produce....with Childs injured, Smith probably makes the team......

they should cut smith we got childs to replace smith for god sakes!!!