Winnipeg @ Montreal : A few highlights

Hi guys,

MartyMix and I were at the game tonight. Here are a few of my thoughts on the game, not that it was a great one, but...

  • D.D. Achonolu (DE) was the best Als of the defensive unit. He looked like a brand new Anwar Stewart. For a guy like me (who wears Stewart's jersey at the games) this is good news.

  • Ian Smart looked not bad on special units.

  • In the Bombers squad, only a few players looked good. No QB however. I guess it wouldn't surprise anyone if I'd tell you the three best Bombers were Albert Johnson III, Milt Stegal and Charles Roberts (although he really didn't play much).

  • Ibrahim Khan injured himself on the second play of the game. He looked uncomfortable afterward. Was it the injury or another kind of discomfort? Time will tell.

  • Marcus Brady is better than Nealon Green, and should the Alouettes think otherwise, I'd be disappointed.

  • A Thurman (WR) in the Bombers looked good.

  • In the second half, when Michna tried a pass to a guy on the outside, Marty went: "Who the fùck was this lardass not able to catch-up with the ball?"... We looked it up... And it was ONTERIO SMITH ! LOL ! So we started looking at him on every play. What a lame duck! All he could do were chop blocks. He was brutal, and we laughed so much watching him go. Seriously, he's the last thing the Bombers needed. Papalooza will probably say it's my envy talking, but I have one thing to reply to that: HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

  • The highlight of the night came when Don Matthews challenged what was ruled an incomplete pass after a struggle between Thyron Anderson and a DB. Matthews threw the flag, arguing Anderson made the catch. Following the replay, the ref overturned the decision... but made it far worse for the Als: Interception by the Bombers! lol... Matthews screwed himself so bad with that call even us, Als fans, were laughing. Looks like the instant replay can backfire at any time !

Well, The Don has been known to shoot himself in the foot in recent years: the backfiring instant replay, the failed 2-pointer against the Lions in BC (if memory serves me right), and that God-awful rap/hip-hop single he released a year or two ago. :lol:

Coach Don Matthews liked what he saw of the Montreal Alouettes defence in their final CFL pre-season game.

The defence attacked three Winnipeg quarterbacks throughout a mistake-filled, marathon game on Thursday night en route to a 30-15 victory over the Blue Bombers - their second in a row after a 25-24 win in Winnipeg last week.

The same two clubs will meet again in their regular season opener Friday night in Montreal.

''We had a great game from our defence,'' said Matthews. ''We only played one defence - a one-linebacker blitz - and it was very successful.

''We created a lot of bad throws and knocked down passes and we covered well in the back end.''

It was particularly pleasing for the Alouettes, who have jobs to fill at middle linebacker, rush end and defensive back. Matthews was impressed by the hustle of linebacker prospect Louis Mackey and rush end D.D. Acholonu.

Anthony Calvillo saw his first action of the pre-season and produced a 21-13 halftime lead on a touchdown plunge by Jeff Piercy and two TD catches by Thyron Anderson, who had five catches for 97 yards.

Nealon Greene started the second half and struggled to move the ball, but his rival for the back-up job Marcus Brady came in six minutes into the fourth quarter and hit LaTerence Dunbar with an eight-yard TD pass.

Winnipeg incumbent Kevin Glenn put up 10 points on a 10-yard scoring run and a Troy Westwood field goal before ceding the Q.B. spot to Russ Michna in the second quarter, who then came out for Mike Quinn in the third. Both candidates laboured.

Michna completed only three of 11 passes for 48 yards and Quinn was good on six of 23 for 127 yards. Each threw an interception.

Glenn looks to have kept his starting job with final cuts looming this weekend.

''I just went out and tried to show what I can do and put points on the board,'' Glenn said. ''I think we should have had more points.''

He looks forward to another crack at Montreal next week.

''That's good,'' he said. ''Although I know they didn't do a lot in this game. They played a lot of man-to-man and next week we'll see the real thing.''

It was a first taste of CFL ball for former Minnesota Vikings star tailback Onterrio Smith, who fumbled on his first carry for the Bombers and ended the game with a meagre seven yards on two carries.

Now Smith wonders if he's made the team. He hopes to make a one-two punch with running back Charles Roberts, who managed only 11 yards on four attempts as Montreal held Winnipeg to only 29 rushing yards.

''I didn't get a lot of opportunity and when I did, on my first carry, I lost my footing and then the ball was jarred loose,'' he said. ''I was disappointed in that play.

''If they let me stick around, I'll work my tail off and get ready for next week.''

Winnipeg's opening drive ended in a 27-yard Troy Westwood field goal but a Kerry Watkins catch set up Piercy's one-yard TD 13:19 into the game. Watkins later left the game with a hip pointer.

Glenn scrambled 10 yards to give the Bombers the lead 1:55 into the second quarter, but Calvillo then threw TD strikes of 27 and 28 yards to Anderson before another Westwood field goal with 20 seconds left in the half.

A mistake-filled third quarter saw only a Winnipeg safety, which Montreal got back 5:48 into the fourth quarter before Brady's eight-yard strike to Dunbar.

Winnipeg running back hopeful Henri Childs and slotback Darryl Ray both left the game with knee injuries of as-yet undetermined severity.

Montreal defensive back Davis Sanchez left with a sprained toe.

The sellout crowd of 20,202 on a chilly night saw a lot of scrambled play, penalties and 10 turnovers as coaches used prospects freely, particularly in the second half.

Matthews challenged two calls and lost both - one in which officials awarded a Sidney Haugabrook interception instead of an Anderson catch and another on the spot of a ball that resulted in a turnover on downs.

The veteran coach admitted he just guessed when he threw out the challenge flag because the game wasn't televised and there were no replays available to the spotter in the press box.

''I just threw it out there for something to do,'' he said with a grin.

In the first half, Matthews went for it on third and short repeatedly and fell short twice.

Bomber coach Doug Berry, the former Montreal offensive co-ordinator, wanted Alouettes running back prospect Avon Cobourne ruled down at the line of scrimmage but the official ruled his 46-yard run good. That set up Dunbar's TD.

Notes - Ninety-One-year-old Percival Molson Stadium lost a bit of its antique charm with the installation of a medium-sized video screen in the east end zone. It shows the game, flashes lots of advertising and replays and looked to be popular with fans.

the Don is s funny

Banks better get the backup job...

Montreal had a few guys who stood out to me.

Defensively, defensive back #11Chip Cox played well, the best of the DBs.

Third_And_Ten, you are right, D.D Ancholonu played well, but to me, I think that R-Kal Truluck was by far the best D-Lineman out there.

Overall, I'd grade the Defensive performance with a "B+" Keep in mind that Winnepeg had some 2nd, 3rd stringers offensively.

Ian Smart, has a nice punt return, but other than that, I don't think Ezra has to worry about anything, if he comes back, he should be the man to fill that spot. However, Ian Smart did look good on Kickoffs. Punt and Kickoff returns are 2 very different things, and I have experience. Smart is a kickoff specialist. I guess it doesn't help either when the punter on the other team averages about 30 yards on a punt... :?

Offensively, Calvillo looked great. Thyron Anderson was great, Kerry Watkins was great, and like usual, the offensive line was great. One guy that looked good to me, was 3rd string Running Back, #6Avon Cobourne.
Marcus Brady and Nealon Greene looked good as well.

I am so excited to kickoff next Friday!

That sound good for the 16th. I took my friday off, so i can be there early. I cant wait for that first game ! We have good tickets, some friends who got season tickets sell us two. In less than a weel i'll be wooot woooot

Go Als Go !

edit. thks for the reports btw guys

Id add the Etiene Boulay looked good at MLB and did alright on special teams and Id expect him to stick around in some role or another maybe like what we did with Proux last year.

Onterio Smith looked awful I kept an eye on him to see what the NFL has to offer and he was really slow out there its a good thing hte bombers didnt trade roberts when they signed him because last night smith was invisible.

Chip Cox I agree played very well defensive and was tested a few times. He will likely be the guy that takes the spot of Durden.

Also brady is definitely a better QB the Greene and ID also be very disappointed if the als thought otherwise.

The bombers I thought looked good were not suprisingly roberts, johnson, and stegall and to a lesser extent thurman.

I agree with ALL of you!

To Add, Ontario Smith is REALLY out of shape. The first time I noticed him (like 3rd said) a lob was thrown to him on the sidelines and when I first saw the guy, I seriously did say "who's that slow fat ass!" and it was Smith! After that all I saw him do was turn his back hoping for a ditch pass (while a D player ran past him to rush the QB), a few pathetic chop blocks and the biggest ass I've seen in tights!!! LOL!
He should be cut, unless he's selling tickets in Winnipeg, in that case, make him a FB and get him some blocking practice and hit the treadmill!

Achoulu DOES look like a young Stewart! The other DLine guys played well also. Cox just got a starting job it seems!
Boulay was got burned twice though.

I love the replay, even though it went against us, it's a great thing to be able to call plays RIGHT (or at least try).


I forgot to say one thing: I LOVED the new big screen in Molson-Percival. This was long overdue !


I like it to!! But I hope that they will show replays on it once the season comes around, they only showed a couple of replays.

Of course they will, but last night, they had only two cameras in the stadium because the game wasn't televised, so it was harder to do. When the games be on TV, they'll have plenty of stuff to show us.

Yeah that's what I was thinking... the Ranch Tooth....

...Now that pre-season is over...its time for the real teams to show up.....should be interesting....from what i heard the ALS. were using a lot of their play-book that well be used in the reg. season....while the Bombers were still experimenting,,,we'll see next Fri. when its for real....Montreal does look good,,,,Bombers are on the right track and time will tell...Wpg. knows they are in tough in the east and will have to play better than 78% to beat this club.. :rockin:

on tsn, they were showing highlights of teh bombers vs als game....and then they interview ontarrio smith. in the backround, the sugar ray song 'when its over' is being played...

is this a sign smiths time with the over?

ps...anderson should really stop dancing..his moves are terrible


What did he say?

....Anderson will have to take a few Maciocca lessons....the only thing thats over for Smith his trips to the fridge...Bombers will keep him some capacity (not doing the pizza run)..I still don't think we have seen Onterrios' play enough to send him packing...but if Charlie thought he was going to be an immediate threat... ( not only Charlie)i think we can dispell that notion.. :o

onterrio smith ( song playing in the backround ):

well, u know, like i said, im gonna be my worst critic. i dunno with the fumble and all that, if i hurt my chances or what? but hey, im a ball player, and if they let me stick around, im gonna come in and work my tail off for next week.

Pap, I love to say Smith was good, but he was REALLY slow and looked like a FB that can't block.

Roberts on the other hand is still the best RB in the league!

Evy ting b arite mon!