Winnipeg Mayor tells Edmonton to CHANGE NAME

For the record the rabbit-faced ferret who goes by the earth name Brian Bowman is a failed para-legal who fluked into the last mayoral cycle due to a huge number of candidates registered for the mayor's race.

He's got scandals going in his own department - his police dept. is in disarray, streets and transportation are poorly managed and seemingly always OVER-BUDGET while this ferret-mayor remains insulated to the public, refusing input from ordinary citizens and groups.

IMMO Bowman should keep away from the CFL. He's a toxic little man with no knowledge, using the power of a mayor's podium to unleash his sideswipes.

Maybe we should take all Norman Kwong's amazing CFL records away cuz he was known widely as "The China Clipper". Kwong also didn't have a failed career as a paralegal - eventually becoming a revered Lt. Governor of Alberta. Bowman is just a damaged, vociferous ferret.

How can you call someone else toxic when your post is filled with lame insults?

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

As much as I dislike the Eskimos, I do respect their history and tradition.

Keep the name and ignore the mayor. He needs to find important issues to deal with.

This PC stuff that gets rammed into our faces is just BS.

BTW, the true definition of Eskimo is raw meat eater.

Somewhere along the line it was applied to those natives who live far north .

The Edmonton Eskimos use a polar bear for a mascot.

Polar bears eat raw meat, so as far as I am concerned the Eskimos are in the PC clear.

If they had a logo like the Redskins that would be different, but here it is just a name. This guy must have taken the Trump course on deflecting media attention in times of political heat.

As someone who once went to a zoo and saw a polar bear, I find your comments inflammatory and hurtful, and demand an immediate retraction.

Using Polar bears as mascot is an insult to all polar bears and furthers a negative stereotype.

Polar bears should be portrayed as they appear in their natural habitat; on the North Pole enjoying Coca Cola products.

Bombers - Innocent people die from warplanes every year.

Stampeders - Chuckwagons & Rodeo are exploiting animals. Very cruel.

Lions - Kill innocent hikers in the mountains surrounding Vancouver. How about some sensitivity to the victims here.

Allouetes - Named after a song about plucking feathers from Lark's. Very very cruel.

Roughriders - Named after the RCMP who expanded and facilitated the theft of Native land all across Canada.

RedBlacks - Lumberjacks destroying the environment, killing innocent trees polluting our rivers.

Argonauts - Derived from Greek Mythology. Pushing religious beliefs on everyone. Very Offensive to all.

Ha...very good RM14, very funny.

To be fair, ALL his posts are filled with lame insults.

Wasn't the team originally named the Elks?

Eskimos - lacers of snowshoes

Those who adapt to their harsh environment and create tools they need to survive as a community. Oh so very insulting to someone somewhere.

One of the best posts ever.

THANKS. Very funny and clever.

No need IMHO to change the name at all. I think this guy is just looking for attention and he's going about it the wrong way.

Yes, he shouldn’t talk when his team has the handle of , bombers.

...the mayor of edmonton agrees with his winnipeg counterpart...

Wait, I thought from the thread title, Winnipeg's mayor was telling the city of Edmonton to change its name.

And I couldn't agree more. Terrible city name.

...Stinkville...much better...

...whoops, sorry, that one is on Hamilton's negotiation list...

Wow that’s unbelievable, what’s this world coming to, let’s see the Calgary horses, i’m Sure you can find fault with any name if you look at it long enough.