Winnipeg man arrested for anit-vax Blockade at the Bomber home opener

Ah these people again ...protest all you want in peace but don't block others or roads c'mon now ...they want it both ways.

You don't get to demand blockage of public rights-of-way and when a private business dictates a contract for entry, which is called a ticket, you don't get to set the terms. Yours is to buy it or not.

This guy was going to go "Mad Max" for blocking roads. I think they charged him too easily.

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You don't want to get vaccinated? Fine! You have the right to be an idiot, you do not have the right to stop anyone else


There is a link to his facebook page....Its amazing how many wack-jobs there are and they are allowed to vote and drive cars

Some however are reasonable

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It's telling how so many of these guys have a Facebook page as otherwise Facebook claims to be adamant about stomping out fake or incorrect information on the matter. Heh.

Even thinking about an event is now illegal. Wow.

I can't believe how loud the minority can be.


I was waiting for g&w's comments.

he never disappoints.

try posting online about the bank robbery you are plannin


I fail to see how planning an event is illegal considering what 30k will be at the opener?

Oh sure, you give him a pass, because he was "just thinking out loud" now? C'mon already. May they go after more such irresponsible folks.

You can think quietly at home or with your friends and nobody will trouble you. Advocacy like that is a step beyond "thinking" as you assert.

Sure you fail to see it - let me guess you would have supported and enjoined it too now?

I know you aren't dumb, although you play one on the internet.

You can't plan an event that will block the only two ways into a stadium.

I know you understand this. I truly know you do.

But for whatever reason your online character thinks differently.

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I've heard such dangerous and denying thinking before also very recently but it exists throughout time.

The argument goes sort of like this akin to that one that this guy was "only thinking about it."

"Nah man, we weren't really going to storm a government building, we were just talking about it, but then a few men and women we were hanging out with decided to take matters into their own hands and we decided to see what was going on for ourselves but we didn't do nothing." :roll_eyes:

Are there parents out there who accept such logic from their own children when they were around trouble now?

Probably not. I'm not one for protests. To each their own

I can plan to go 200k this Saturday on my trip to Winnipeg. Not sure that's reason to be arrested today

As long as you are not also blocking any streets or committing other crimes now, or hanging out with those who are doing so or planning on it, I think you get it.

He does.

But he has his shtick to adhere to.

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No actually I don't. Organizing a protest, as far as I know, isn't illegal.

Precrimes aren't a thing either. Or at least they weren't.

When the protest openly advises (hinging on bragging) breaking of laws then yes it is illegal.

Remember those commercials from the 80s?

The More You Know...

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