Winnipeg loses to the Tiger Cats!

Yes piggy, dad and hank. It was only preseason and the bombers only played their third string guys! Thats see what happens the next game it will be more of what might becoming this season.'05, the safer thing to do would have been to post this after the eskimo/stamp game tonight....but what the hell do I know...

goood call Red lol

didnt the ticats go 2-0 in preseason last year?..and we all know how that turned out..HAHAHA

lol, I wouldn't have expected anything less from you 05.

As for last nights scrimmage, that Chang kid looks pretty fair, can't see why the Esks would have let this kid go ? Perhaps larry or corny can defend that one ?


No suprise that redwhite2005 made this thread
Looking forward to you thinking the Stamps are the best CFL to ever play in the league this season :roll: :lol:

[i]Definitions of preseason on the Web:

* a period prior to the beginning of the regular season which is devoted to training and preparation[/i] 

Should be a good season :wink:
07- year for Milt!

:lol: :thup:

Yes, the Bombers played their second and third string players, but so did the Cats. In fact the Bombers dressed more players for Thursday's game than the Cats did. That's not a coaching decision, that's the league rules.

I would never say based on that game that the Cats were heading for the Grey Cup. But there are a lot of positive things the Cats should take from it.

  • Timmy Chang has come along really well, and may have earned himself a spot on the roster with his performance in that game.
  • Better speed on special teams made for some decent returns and good coverage.
  • Nick Setta is an OUTSTANDING punter, though I'd like to see him get more chances at field goal kicking.
  • Some of the new guys in the secondary made some great plays.
  • The win, though meaningless, shows that the habit of losing hasn't carried over to these players and coaches.

There are also negatives, but most of them will likely not be in uniform when the regular season starts. That's the purpose of pre-season.

Hey! It's only pre season and RW is already in mid-season form. Same ole, same ole. The tabies might have a good one in Chang.

Well I thought I would post did not want to disappoint the bomberfans. Yes mid season form already but tell me what CFL fan is not there. R&W I had no fear after all the Eskies looked bad at defeat. Even with Rciky in at QB they only managed 3 points. Chapper needs to teach his offense to move forward not backward. Yes this is only preseason but you get to see some new players and how management filled the holes. Either the Eskimos were very bad or our defense is very good. So we will see when we got Priderland next week. But the defense looked good and our offense looked mid season form. Best QB of the night Akli Smith no doubt about it. First quarter he lead the offense to a 17 to 0 score. Copeland was the best receiver in the game.
So Bomber fans do not take it to hard thats see what happens in the next game. Tiger cat fans it was a good sign for your team. Thats hope they can change the direction this year.

ah but the big difference your forgetting, the Cats starters arent all that much better than the guys who played yesterday... the bombers sit outs are actually head and shoulders above the rest...

It should also be noted where most of Hamiltons points came off, Turnovers.
5 Big Ints vs. 1.. saddly.

lol, two guys the blue put at QB didn't even get.. anything.(a TD, FG nothing)

Both teams however did rest guys should be interesting to see the blue with:
Stegall, Armstrong, Glenn, Roberts, Simpson, Khan, Gauthier, Bean *of 2006 CFL starters(end of year)

Also top prospect Edison and OMeara weren't dressed due to injuries.

For the Hamilton:
Maas, Butler, Hudson, Hitchcock, Lumsden, Morreale, Cody, Dunbrack.(likely 1-2 others)

so Hamilton: 7 starters + backup QB sat out.
Winnipeg: 8 starters + 2 top prospects sat out.

No first stringers for the bombers played after the first Quarter.

No schemes on Thursday


THE SEASON STARTS ON THE 28th! Watchout Stamps fans, your gonna lose to the blue.. when they play in like october.

I'm sorry, I thought turnovers were a PART of the game. Guess we should yank Hebert's TD off the board as well, then, huh?

You're saying Richie Williams, who couldn't even muster a first down, is about as good as Jason Maas? Or that [insert unknown DB here] is as good as Tay Cody?

You're conveniently neglecting to mention Ticat players who technically didn't sit out but didn't play: guys like Corey Holmes. You might remember him; he's not such a bad player himself.

Boys, it is a preseason game not to get bent over it. Both teams sat out some of their starters. The measuring stick is how good are the prospects for filling in areas of need. Right now bomber fans I think the Tiger Cats have better prospects according to the out come of the game. Ha ha the Bombers playing the Stamps that should be a fun game.

Some people seem to be forgetting that I said:

I'm not making any claims based on a pre-season win. But you know if the Bombers had won some people who are currently downplaying the game would be booking their flights to Toronto in November.

....Both teams were doing a lot of 'test runs'... but when the real bullets fly....heh heh....and the game takes on a new meaning...we'll get serious about the 2 pts....right now we're warming up for that big test in Edm. (or maybe not so big after hearing what happened last night in the igloo)... we'll take care of the Cats when it counts..... :wink: :thup:

Ah dad I know it is tough to lose. By the way that was not in Edmonton last night it was in the city by the bow. First off do not look at that game as meaning less much like the Edmonton game these guys are playing for jobs. If your team loses it shows that the GM failed on his recruitment. The Tigercat players were showing they want jobs. The Bomber players well it looks like they were taking it easy waiting for it to meaningful (2 pts) right. Sorry preseason may not get you 2 pts but it could win you a job for the year. Your guys look like they are not wanting employment thats all.

...sorry bout getting the games location mixed red......but it just shows you how much i really pay attention to pre-season....

.....most of the jobs are sewn up in Bomber town my son......long-shot at best, for some of these guys to make the club...but dosen't hurt to have a look....we might get a little more serious about winning the next one....but who knows ...we might do some more testing before we bring the big machine to the track.... :lol: :lol:

Well then Taman should have just said we do not need any preseason games we have the GC champions right now. Something tells me the Bombers could be behind the Tiger cats this year. about dreaming....and the Stamps will finish behind the Riders.....ho ho ho....lets get serious... :lol: :lol: :lol: