Winnipeg looks beatable

Upon request :lol:

But yeah, we're likely not going to be able to run that well this week so it's going to be up to our defense and passing game for the most part.And of course 1 or 2 return TD's from Thiggy couldn't hurt :lol:


Breaking news:
Bradley injured, Will Heyward playing in his place, Shannon James added to make up the difference.
Heyward owns, he should've been suited up sooner, even if not in Bradley's spot.

We should have trounced Winnipeg in Winnipeg in week one. I expect Hamilton to take out their frustration on the Bombers this Friday. I'm sure they'll remember Pierce breaking tackles to run for a TD late in the game when they already had it in the bag.

Bummers starting DT, Dorion Smith out. Safety Ian Logan, out. QB Jyles possibly out.

If your Gregg Marshall, do you assign a "spy" to Buck Pierce? He has made HUGE plays the last two weeks with his legs and i think giving him a good hit everytime he tries to run would discourage him from doing so. I would like to say this sounds like a job for Otis but i think he is too slow.

Bradley could, but he's out with a concussion.I've noticed when Bolden hits however, he doesn't pull punches.Seen him rock a few bodies already.

Im fine with anybody rocking Pierce. He looks like Porter out there running every other play and its very frustrating. But what i meant by a spy is someone watching him on every play, basically being his personal shadow. This is usually a job for a linebacker but Otis is definitely too slow and Markeith Knowlton is too important in coverage. Could be a job for JJ. However there are other solutions to this, i.e. having a defensive lineman or two play contain.

Oooh, okay.Normally a MLB would spy (Otis), which wouldn't be a bad idea but I think i'd nominate Johnson just because he's the best tackler on the team.

My concern is that the Bombers have Dogget back. Not sure if he'll be in the line up but I suspect he will be. And as far as rocking Pierce.....unless he ends up with a shoulder separated or a doesn't seem to slow him down. He is a gamer. So what's up with Bradley? When did he suffer a concussion? In the last game or in practise?

Pierce did nothing against us in 2 games last year, the key is to keep him in the pocket and make him read defences.

And it seems MArshall never spies qb's, one of the main reasons Winnipeg lost the Grey Cup.

We are definitely beatable, but after this 2nd week, I'm starting to think the only team that might not be is Saskatchewan, and even there, B.C. was hanging in until Printers went down. Just for the record, Jyles and Logan were both practicing fully when I went yesterday, Smith definitely was not (still doesn't know extent of injury). Doggett is expected to play, and Markus Howell may well return Kick-Offs. Holy Parity Batman, I don't want you folks winless (born in Hamilton), but we need to stay over .500 with the way the league is shaking out.


round 2

fans of both teams for the most part are less sure of a win this time around

in week one a raw winnipeg team came in and beat the cats, week 2 the bombers lost to an even more raw argonaut team. cats played better and almost pulled out a win against a tough calgary team

bombers were a missed field goal away from being 2-0, the cats were a miss away from being right back in the thick of things.

itl be interesting to see the adjustments the coaches make after game one to try and gain the edge this time around..

cats will need to be better along the online.. they were last game, will they be able to keep hunt out of the backfield?

bombers need to somehow keep thigpen out of the endzone, easier said than done.

Bombers look beatable? didn't we say that in week 1?

We did, however with two wks. under our belts the coaching staff knows what needs fixing. A spy would be a real good idea on Buck. What I remember of the first game was OF running around the outside trying to get to Buck. This left the middle open for Buck. Someone needs to close that door so Buck has no were to go.

TiCats need to do what the Argos did and that is exploit the middle of the Bomber d-line. They have to have success running the ball right down the throat of the Wpg defence. Also have to keep the pressure off Glenn, again just like the Argos did, bring in extra blocking.

This one is probably decided by turnovers and special teams.

I noticed Darcy Brown and Steve Schmidt were taking turns helping out Rottier last week and it worked.Hope to see more of the same.

I'm pretty nervous about this one myself. I still can't believe Toronto was able to hang on and beat us :expressionless: :expressionless:

Should be a good game though and with Glen looking much better in game 2 and Buck playing the way he is this could be a real barn burner!

I hope so.I hate games that end in NFL scores like 16-10.
I wanna see 45-42 in favor of the Ticats of course :lol:

I'm right with yah! Reverse the score of course :smiley:

Who's not playing on the Bomber side? I heard Dorian Smith and Ian Logan.
On the Cats side, Jykine Bradley will sit out with concussion symptoms and Will Heyward will take his place.We've also re-added Shannon James but doubt you'll see him at all.