Winnipeg jokes eh

Winnipeg jokes lets see what you got, we're tough, we can take it.

Prairiedog72 & Hammertown_proud, got this started on another topic thread. Below are the first two examples, poorly done I might add, I know you can do Waaay better.

Prairiedog72 (all star)

First prize in the raffle:
a week in Winnipeg.
Second prize: 2 weeks in Winnipeg.

Hammertown_Proud (not an all star)

Why does the Red River run through downtown Winnipeg?
It's too scared to walk!

The Simpsons likes to take a poke at Winnipeg as well.


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Why do all the trees in Saskatchewan lean to the east? Because Winnipeg sucks. :wink:

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Sask has trees now??


Another one from The Simpsons.


Yes. All two of them.

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I remember they had a surveillance bush


The reason The Simpsons poke fun at Winnipeg is because Matt Groening's father came from Winnipeg. It's a homage to his late father. Guess what the name of his father's was? Homer. The meme that you pulled up was an actual incident that happened when Matt and his family went on a vacation when he was kid.

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