Winnipeg Jets - Stanley Cup Champs?

They are a great team, maybe stealing game 1 against the Preds, but I say they deserved it.
I know the series is far from over.
Certainly the Jets will be better than tonight.
The goalie was incredible and if he continues with the hot streak, with the awesome 4 excellent lines and for me one of the best D in the league, are we watching a team of destiny?

Can they get by Las Vegas? That is the big question.

If so, the East should be easy picking... maybe. :wink:

Imagine a West Finals between the Jets, a team recently relocated, and Las Vegas, a brand new team.

Crazy but a reason to watch.

What do you think of Trouba, ArgoT?

Can you imagine if you had made a wager before the season for either of those teams.
I heard somewhere last week, could be wrong that the odds I think was either 1000-1 or 2000-1 by the Vegas bookies for the GK winning the Cup?
Right now though, I love the Jets.

They are good. I suspect they will have to get past Vegas and that will be tough.
That Vegas team is amazing. 5 straight wins.

I wonder if visiting teams fall prey to some late hours there?

What an odd surprise they are. Speed and intensity with an outstanding home crowd. As does Winny.

I love their D, think it's the best in the league.
Buff, Myers, Morrissey and yes Trouba what a combo.

Are there better fans and from us watching on TV, than seeing the whiteout in the Peg?

DeBoer is a superior coach to Magnificent Maryse - and Hellybuyck embodied the spirit of Glenn Hall, Jacque Plante, Ken Dryden & Terry Sawchuk at various times tonite!

48-19 shot disparity is glaring . . . . but the Jets never backed down and allowed their goalie to make fairly clean saves!

Nashville uses clothing magic to make their players look bigger and stronger than opponents. (ie. wider sweaters, etc.)

That said, the Jets are fairly gutsy, they're not scared of nobody and those are things they never had in the first incarnation of the Jets (Hawerchuk, Tkachuk, Olcyzyk, Debroni, Soft Dave Ellett, Pad-Thumper Smail, Zhamnov, Drunken Tom Steen, etc.)

This team might not dominate opponents because they're still a bit raw - but they play a nice checking game, they don't make many glaring mistakes and most of their penalties are 2 minutes for being out of position.

If they can ever get their super-sophomore Laine going - they might wrap up this series in 5 games, 6 for sure. Without Laine's extra goals, they'll have their backs up against the wall Sunday in Smashville - as the Predators will go all out nutso to prevent being swept up at home!

I love it, too. They are so deserving.

It’s fantastic! Living in Montreal, I have made a point of trying to catch their games during the playoffs.
Hoping they can continue this ride for a few more weeks.

I did - When my girlfriend was in Vegas before the season I had her put 3 bets down. $20 on the Leafs to win the Cup. $100 for the Jets to Win the Cup and $50 for the Golden Knights to make the playoffs. Promised to take her on a vacation if the Jets win...
200-1 odds at the time for the Jets and Knights. 18-1 for the Leafs.

...take her already on the GK winnings ya cheapskate!

LOL - I secretly booked a cruise for the two weeks before Christmas...

...good man!!

I love cruising, just recently came back in March.
Where are you going and what cruise line?

I love cruising too (maybe something to do with managing a CruiseShipCenters - lol). Next weekend leave on a 7 day Bermuda cruise on Celebrity. Can't wait! (Especially with snow flurries expected here in the Hamilton area again tonight. Argh!)

But back to the Jets - they need to up their game a bit to win this series. They can't count on their goalie stealing three more wins for them like he did last night.

Came back from a 11 day Caribbean cruise from Florida.
As for the series, the Jets are riding high now can't take the foot off the peddle.
Boy if they can get Laine to get hot.
Is there a more bruising Dman like Buff, at 260 lbs he is a force.
I remember him as a forward when he was with the Hawks a few years back.

So... 2 years in, if you had the TOP pick, would you take Laine or Matthews?

you mean with him on the next cruise?