Winnipeg Jets NHL Thread

Might be the meekest participation thread since the Ivanka Trump is really, really smart thread on facebook.

Anyways, today, the normally reluctant Jets GM pulled the trigger on not one, but TWO (count 'em two) major moves.

  1. Signed Steve Mason, the Flyers goalie to a 2 yr x 4 million per anum thread.
  2. Signed Dmitri Kulikov, a competent stay at home d-man who's only 26 to a similar 2 x 4 million contract.

Listen, Chevyldayoff earns his nickname Steven Hawking, Jr. from his profound inability to pull the trigger on a variety of moves. The guy has suffered paralysis from analysis since Jets owner Mark Chipman brought him on when the team came to Winnipeg from Atlanta 6 years ago. So lets get this thread a goin' folks - I bet we get at least 1 posting - in the next 2 weeks!!! lol

Glad to see that Mason signed there, but I had hoped to see Alzner as well.

Alzner got a 5 yr deal with the Habs. That's territory Kevin Takeadayoff doesn't venture into - unless its to overpay mopes like Pavelec, Byfuglien, Ladd & Toby Enstrom.