Winnipeg Jets, Kevin Chevyldayoff, Genie Bouchard

Biggest frauds in sports.
At least Genie has a career in modelling awaiting her.

Jets are total frauds - run by a car dealer. Car dealers are most adept selling lemons for big profits. Jet owner Mark "Chippy" Chipman happy he's selling tons of tickets (99.5% occupancy), gobs of Jets gear and great advertising income from NHL & Sportsnet.

Kevin Chevyldayoff (aka Kevin Take-a-day-off) is NHL version of Joltin' Joe Mack, a compulsive coffee-holic sporting a slow prairie drawl - great at outsmarting a dim-witted, learning-deprived local media but horrid at fine tuning an NHL franchise that has only made the playoffs once in the last 7 years - and was swept aside four straight in the one season they fluked into the playoffs on the final day of game action.

Genie Boo Boo - one fine lookin' Canadian women who rightfully should be a full-time model, company spokeswoman or sports media presenter. But a pro tennis player? C'mon? Who's she kidding? She took the WTA by storm her first year; bullying many of the 5'3", 112 lb. girls she met in majors and made her way into the semi-finals of 2 majors - plus actually got to Wimbledon final - - - - where her bullyish journey ended - that's when the bully girl met a monster amazon named Petra Kvitkova, who at 6'1" and 175 lbs. dwarfed the skittish 5'10", 135 lb. Canadian fashion model.

Genie has signed some huge fashion and product endorsement contracts, graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and looks great on court - before action gets underway. She'll be well taken care of - this modern day Ana Kornikova. But her main mission now seems losing matches to all kinds of fawns and qualifiers.

As far as the Jets fraud is concerned - Mark Chipman, CHevyldayoff and their silver-tongued devil coach Paul Maurice will all get contract extensions. Jet season ticket holders are reluctant to give up their spots - they know there's a sucker's waiting list with money to burn. And burn they will.

Jets have 4 or 5 very good to excellent hockey players - Patrik Laine, Joe Armia, Josh Morrissey, Blake Wheeler, Schiefele, Little, Nik Ehlers but most of their highly paid d-crew is useless as hind tit. ie. Dustin Byfuglien (aka Puffkin), Mark Stuart (often plays like a gassed 70 year old beer leaguer) and Jacob Trouba (who desperately wants out of Jetsville, regards the organization as a bad stink - but now Trouba has that Jet-stink all over him
Guys like Frenchy Perrault are 4.4 million dollar guys playing like 2nd tier AHL'rs. Tiny Toby Enstrom, 5'9", 175 lb. d-man gets pushed around like a 5 year old.
Goal-tending is basically 3 guys named Casper the Friendly Ghost. In other words each guy has more holes than the friendly comic character. ie. Ondre Pavelec, Conn Hellybuyck & a Junior B kid named Hutch.

The nightmare scenario for NHL squawk boss Garry Bettman would be Jets making playoffs and killing crowds in a U.S. arena or U.S. TV ratings (Jets are only a good draw in their own backyard) - but on the other hand Jets fall so far they get another realistic shot at the top couple picks in this year's draft. Imagine if a superkid like Patrik Laine was doing bidness in L.A., Boston, New York or even Montreal. Big ratings boost - but the kid is being wasted playing with inferior talent and coaching in Winnipeg. Another year or two of this and he could be a deadbeat.

But Mr. Chips, Chevy & Maurice don't seem to be worried. The money train is coming in and its never been late. The 3 year plan morphed into a 5 year plan - and now it borders on being a 10 year plan. In other words keep kicking the can forward!

That was quite the rant.

I do agree about Bouchard... a flash in the pan... her career seems to be over

As for the Jets, I think their real problem is the coach... the Jets peaked a couple of seasons back and now seem to be spinning their tires... they have the potential to be a top contender... a player move to two and a good coach... they could be right in the thick of the playoff race instead of mediocrity...

I really don't have an opinion on Cheveldayoff, lets see if the Jets get better or worse before either rewarding him for a job well done, or throwing him under the bus...

Winnipeg media resigned to another 2 or 3 year uphill struggle with Chipman, Chevy & Slick Maurice!
Chipman pretty comfortable with these mopes and he's the one who writes the cheques.

Besides, even if Chevy was able to use his final trump card - and discard Maurice - what other NHL coach (besides the dried up Marc Crawford) would want to take over this group of mopes, dumbasses, incoherents & coach-killers?

Don't think Fatty Arbuckle (Ken Hitchcock) would want to soil his legacy - even for a million a season.

The sad reality is the Jets are loaded with untapped promise. Byfuglien is the worst coach-killer in the group but ownership and management are terrified of his strange nature if he's called to account. Jake Trouba, our most promising d-man is looking to bail to a U.S. market.

Mark Schiefele has blossomed but he's not ready to take on bigger, stronger and faster guys in playoff contention. Too often easily muscled off the puck.

Mark Stuart is basically desecrating the ice at the Winnipeg Arena - he's that bad while former Junior ace Nic Petan plays like he's still in atom league - pushed aside and off his skates at the least amount of contact.

Goaltenders are wastes of pads. May as well dress an extra rover for the amount of support the saps who tend net in Winnipeg give you.

Ignorant ownership, poor coaching, a frightened GM and too many AHL & ECHL calibre players. Not a great formula for success.

The team's goaltending has cost them 35 goals against the league average. From what i've seen, Hellebuyck lets in terribly weak goals.

While watching a game last week, they showed a stat that the Jets were 8th in league scoring and yet 26th in goals allowed.
Therefore, fix goaltending and they're a playoff team.

Marc Andre Fleury was available at the deadline and the team should have done everything to land him as the team was on the cusp of a playoff spot at the time.

This off season, they should consider him as well as free agents Bishop, Elliot, Johnson, Bernier or pretty much any other goalie on the market or available through trade.

Fleury would have been a good add - keeping in mind Ondre 'The Giant 5-Hole's" salary won't be on the Jets books next year. Basically a wash.

Now that they're virtually eliminated from the post-season dance watch the Jets close hard. Tanking means they'd get a shot at the draft lottery - and a guaranteed starting player (Patrick, Hischier, etc.) who'd take a starting job from one of the current group of border-line mopes. So the Jets will win just enough (perhaps 7 or 8 of their final 10) to skid up the draft line. . . . . . perhaps drafting as low as #8 or #9, vs. #4 to #6 with a full tank. Plus, 4 to 6 gets them into the draft lottery. Last season they unexpectedly got Pat Laine, a young superstar and the supposed plan to tank for a season was thrown into disarray. Imagine if they got another superstar? It really cut into a team that operates itself like a banana republic.

Genie Bouchard - Carling Bassett....Can you see the difference, I cant see the difference.

Genie may perhaps never ascend to the top of women's tennis because she refuses to take steriods and bulk up like many other women tennis players who come out of no where to dominate the sport...then fade away just as quickly. The tennis league is probably aware of these enhancements but turns a blind eye because these muscle-bound lass's generate the bulk of interest for their sport.

While the banana-republic Jets, Bouchard, Kevin Chevy & Paul Maurice are obvious sports frauds at least they're out there day to day, match to match in Genie's case trying to cobble together wins.

Nowhere near as big a sports frauds as Ronda Rousey, even Holly Holm - the gal who kicked Rousey's head off but now seems to enjoy having smaller, less powerful women either choke her out or smother her silly. Of course the biggest fraud in sports is a nasty piece of work named Dana White! :cowboy:

The big problem with Genie is that after the Wimbledon final where she got absolutely destroyed by Kvitova, the others learned how they can beat her... and she has never adjusted her game accordingly. The pressure has gotten to Bouchard... she has also the surprise factor that helped her reach the final.

Agreed. Career-wise, an 18 yr old novice like Bouchard might have been better served bailing out in the semi-final. Other than gorilla-girl Williams I can't think of another tennis player who could have stood up to Kvitova that day. Genie was not just defeated in 40 minutes - she was pulverized. Couldn't have been a worse outcome - she's never been the same since. Pretty decent off the court - she's a decent interview and rarely utters the wrong spew. But on the court she has so many deficiencies in her fundamentals its bewildering. Worse habit is getting on balls way too early and punishing the net cords. There's no one in the game who can squander a lead like Genie Boo Boo. I give her this year and maybe one more before she withdraws totally from the on-court part of the game. If she wants she could easily be the next Tessa Bonhomme on TSN - perhaps even working on an American or British network because she's far more famous than Tessa B.