Winnipeg jerseys

On my own website, I spent some time and redid the Reebok CFL jerseys, and I like the finished products, as I computer-altered existing pictures. Admittedly, my alterations on Winnipeg weren't quite as big as some teams (like my own favourite) but if you want to see Winnipeg or others on the site, please see

better, our away ones still look like the Rams thu, but great work, rather see those on the feild than what we have now, maybe you should e-mail reebox and get them to chage it! :slight_smile:

BTW check out my design for the thrid jersey.

Compared to the other clubs, the Bombers uniforms look fairly good. I did like the more traditional ones that the league used up to the early eighties or so, in particular those of the Bombers.

The problem I have with these is not necessarily the uniforms as much as that of the helmets. I think it's the football logo on the 'W'. It makes it look like you can attach an air-hose to a coupler in the back of it, and inflate it. But that's just me. Go Blue!

nice work! they look awesome.

are you hallucinating