Winnipeg is worse, yay!

This is great that Winnipeg is doing so poorly with another loss today against B.C., they are off to an even worse start than us. And they don't have the legitimate rebuilding year and lineup full of rookies excuses that we do. I don't think they are going to stand a chance against teams like Montreal, Calgary and Saskatchewan this year. They play Calgary next week, they could just well go 0-5!!

The 4 games against Winnipeg out of the remaining 14 are so key now. They will at this point make or break our playoff contention.

If Winnipeg can go from the Grey Cup to O&4, then we can go from 3&15 to the play-offs.

Oh guys....stop being so optimistic. Dont you know this a negative forum???

8) We will have to finish at least in 2nd place to avoid the crossover, the way things are looking right now !!!

It's a good thing the playoffs are based on the standings at the end of the year, then :wink:

With our luck we end up 3rd and Edmonton will Cross over.

8) Yea, but our playoff fate was known by late August last season. Let's hope this year we can still be in the mix by mid September anyway. :wink:

What makes anyone think Winnipeg will allow their situation to continue much longer? There is talk on TSN of major changes already after 4 games. Lucky them. Its been a season and half for us and still no change at the top.

If they fire their headcoach, they will tail spin out of control like most teams that do. Winnipeg could be in for a very long year too. If they split their remaining games, thats only 7 wins.

I'll take 7. Gladly... and feel that we've made some progress.

I thought Winnipeg was over-rated last year. I thought they benefitted by feasting on a weak Eastern Division. In the off-season they didn't go out and sign any big name free agents to make their team better. Instead, they re-signed their own guys, thus keeping their team the same. When other teams upgraded their teams they closed the gap on Winnipeg.

Having said all that, I still think Winnipeg has a lot of talented players and they could go on a run anytime. They still haven't had Stegall in the lineup yet, and even though he's old, he's a game changer.

With Toronto and Winnipeg in a mess right now, we have to take advantage of this situation and pull away from them. Otherwise we're wasting a great opportunity to make the playoffs.

Who said you need to sign big name free agents to be good?

Don't be so sure. We're right in the running for second place. We are better than the blue team, and if we win our games against Winnipeg it'll be a playoff season. Dare I say a home semifinal?