Winnipeg Is Scared

watching the news last night and hearing the bomber fans talk about theyr team this year…and its just so funny that the bomber fans are so scared that theyr team is going to be brutal this year and they no it, they cant face the facts that theyr team is awful this year and theyr whining…last night a bomber fan said “well its only pre-season, and they will turn it around” he said with a gulp. reality check- IT ISNT GOING TO GET ANY BETTER THEYR BUDDY,

With our “new” horrible Jerseys and no Carter, I’m finding it hard to root for the BB’s. :evil:

But fortunatly, both issues are temporany and the jerseys will last for a few seasons, and I get over the Carter thing after this season.

I’m taking by the spelling errors alone that you’re a product of the "done been dropped on his noggin’ " education system.

I’m not saying the Bombers played well against the Esks, in fact, we were downright terrible. The one bright spot that I saw was that Khari got put down time after time, and that Tee Martin played a pretty decent few minutes. We are in a sticky spot with all the QB’s here in Winnipeg, but I can see Martin taking Glenns job. Then again, that’s just a hope.

Yeah I’m shaking like a French soldier over here Brandon Boy. We all are. In fact, were so scared of how bad the Bombers might be were all going to abandon them entirely and support the Bisons and Goldeyes because were all a bunch of can’t hack it wimps that couldn’t bear to see our beloved team get thrashed. What is your problem anyways? a) It’s pre-season, therefore who gives a horse’s patoot what happened. Saskatchewan had the worst pre-season record of all 9 teams in this league, by your logic if any team’s fans should be scared it’s Rider fans. b) Lets see how the Bombers do without a revolving door. The fact of the matter is, this is a team that has made a lot of changes, most of which are for the better, and with a little continuity in the line-up, this is a group that could really come together and catch some teams with their pants down.

As far as the goofballs that they interviewed on the news goes, who cares? We’ll see how the boys do in Haytown…errr…Regina next week. Then we’ll be able to give a much more accurate assessment of what this team can or cannot do.

We ARE going to kick the Riders ass, there is no doubt about it! they got the better end of the deal with the jerseys, we have got to give them a good kicking!!!

If you think I was pissed (I’d did say that I was pissed) after Edmonton (a team of all stars) beat us, I’ll be furious if the Riders do!!!

I’ll also be watching the game on TV down here in the states!

…I’m confused KK, do you mean if the riders beat your BBs you will somehow assume the identity of Dr. Eric Furois, a dentist in Montreal?..

…do you even know anything about dentistry?..


I mean “furious”, you know I can’t spell to save my life! :wink:

I’ll assume the identity of Mr. Hide! :twisted:

i actually dont mind the bombers jerseys…i think theyr nice,

anywho i cant wait till the riders lay a beating on the bombers this will be fun too watch

I was at the game, winnipegs starters are as good as anybody else in the league as people will soon find out.

I thought you were a university student?

Even so, mate, doesn’t mean I can spell!

Winnipeg isn’t “scared”, far from it, WERE PISSED!!!

Is anyone here worried about Ottawa. After all, they beat Montreal and were at 0-2.

Scared, weer so freakin confused on the field we cant feel anything, no freakin emotion at all, who the hell we gonna beat like that, nobody.

And another thing, if you dont think the pressure in this city for them to win isnt HUGE, we may not always wear our bomber pride on our sleeve like some places, but deep down the bombers winning is everything here. Football is a disease that spreads like the spanish flu and dont forget who won the wests first grey cup and against who, some 70 or 80 years ago when were just some prairie dirt squaller. The pressue on the players right now is just insane and Daley is doing whatever he can to try to let it off, saying this is rebuilding lahdidah. But seriously I hope they do loosen up for this game, its no home opener, maybe they can surprise us with a win.