Winnipeg Is Officially the New Hamilton.

It hurts, I will never diss Hamilton again.

Casey Printers sucks.

LOL.. I believe Winnipeg has a better team than what they have showed so far.

I agree with you on paper, but when are they going to start showing that they're a better team?

Fans focus mainly on the present and overlook past and future. Too early to call Winnipeg the new Hamilton when there is just 2 points difference between those 2 teams. Still not impossible for Winnipeg to finish ahead of Hamilton in 2008. For years, Hamilton has been a basement team but Winnipeg is far from that.

It's a joke topic dude, but lets re-visit it after the season is done.

For now we're definitely the new Hamilton.

I think your right that team has quit playing for a reason I smell coaching change or gm change. You have to give Tillman credit for putting his faith in the HC Miller it turns out the guy is a very good coach to be able to work around the things they are going through. Yet the bombers play like a team that does not care.

Ed Philion said he talked to Berry in the preseason and Berry told him he was really looking forward to this year because he had turned over all the offense duties to the OC so he could concentrate on other things.

Once Berry takes control of the offense again, things will improve.

Berry coached Calvillo during some of Calvillo's most productive years. The man knows how to run an offense.

He was co-offensive coordinator with Kevin Strasser until he left for Winnipeg. The following season, our offense went into the toilet and Strasser was fired after season's end. I have always believed that Berry was the key to our dominant offense from '03 through to '05. If he takes over the schemes and the playcalling, your offense will almost certainly get better.

Yes, I do think that Winnipeg IS the new Hamilton. Let's face it, the Bombers are 1-6 and could easily be 0-7 if it weren't for that unlikely and fluky comeback victory a couple of weeks ago.

While Hamilton is only 2 points ahead of them with a 2-5 record, they could easily be 4-3 if they had won those very winnable games against Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

Winnipeg, for some reason seem to be a step lower than all the other CFL teams and that is what everyone said about Hamilton for the past few seasons.

Therefore, I would definitely cast my vote for them to be considered the new Hamilton of the league.

By the way, my Argos are 3-4 (which is flattering to the way they have played in general)and don't appear to be much better than Winnipeg.

In fact they have been blown out by Hamilton twice this season.

Yahoo! Winnipeg is the new Hamilton! The team should be renamed. Here are the choices:
The Winniton blue cats;
The Hammypeg Dumwiddies;
The Winnipeg bombers us blue in the face;
The Winnipeg blue balls;
The Winnipeg blue tiger bombers;
The Winnipeg Berry bad temper, Taman dumbassedness, bomber tigers who have Cartwright as OC, but no cartwheels from the offense and a midget kicker banjo bowl losers of 2008, with a Native Canadian who can actually kick 23 yard field goals, pissed off at this whole mess.

That last name is a little long... But appropriate.

Winnipeg Roughriders!

Then we can have three Roughriders once Ottawa returns. :roll: :roll:

You can pretty much look at two positions in the CFL and tell the fortunes of a team

Hamilton: Printers/Williams and Setta
Winnipeg: Glenn/Dinsoom and Serna

I'll take Hamilton...

....we'll know for sure on Thurs. when the powerful Cats roll in to town to take on the "we don't know who we are anymore" Blue Bombers....If we don't win this one the coaching staff better be heading for the exits????cuz sole possession of the basement will be ours.... :cry:

I would have thought that the Bombers would have had this type of season a couple of years ago. Seems they are going backwards, not forward, and now Glenn is back as the starter. A must win game for the Bombers.

Man, not much respect for the Bombers in these parts, but at 1 - 6 and the news that they signed Armstead, sure looks like a TiCat squad in the making. A loss Thursday would all but confirm it.