Winnipeg is in the perfect position!!!


I know this will shock many to hear it from me but The Bombers could win on Sunday- don't count them out. Here are my reasons:

  1. Everyone is writing them off because of Glenn's injury so there is no pressure whatsoever on the Bombers.

  2. The Bombers have excellent receivers and arguably the best running back in the league in Roberts.

  3. The Bombers defence is very good!

  4. Dinwittie has no pressure on him as everyone has NO expectations for him to do well!!

  5. The Bomber team will rally round Dimwittie and play even harder to protect him.

  6. Finally, the Bomber players want to win it for Glenn!!
    This is a terrible position for my Riders to be in as we prefer to be and play much better as underdogs.
    My Riders better play with abandon and emotion or they will end up like the Lions who expected to win last week not play to win which is what you have to do to win.


Get ready Riders - it will be the fight of our lives for the Cup!!

Also, Toronto will not know what hit them with all the culture and class two prairie groups will bring to the so-called centre of the Canadian universe!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Bomber Pride to Toronto

well said.
good luck to the riders and to my home team the blue and gold bombers
this will be the greatest grey cup ever to be played on nutraul grounds and a vary close one nither team wants to lose this game and to bad one has to lose but fans on both sides of the ball will be winners watching this game.lets get ready to play the bajo bowl part two.
have a great grey cup weekend :thup: :cowboy: :rockin:

I have to agree with you on everything there Turkey.

The Riders will have there work cut out for them. The Bombers are gonna be pumped.

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to add to that turkey, I think the Riders could be a little emotionally spent as well, that was a monster effort against the Leos.

I don't agree with any of it.

A: Austin and his Staff will have the Riders ready to go

B: they're not emotionally spent.

C: The Riders will have Dinwiddie figured out i'm sure long before Friday hits.

D: There's a lot of pressure on Dinwiddie because it's not everyday you get your first start ever in the Championship game!

I think the Riders will be fine!

Good post Turkey, I agree with it all. Should be a good game.

Dinwiddie has played in front of probably 60,000-80,000 fans in some college games with national American TV exposure for Boise St. He’ll be ready I’m sure, nervous but ready. That being said, of course, having not played a lot that puts him behind the eight ball for sure, but not 3 feet back behind the eight ball.

It will be a good game and might even be closer then what some might expect? I expect a Rider win,As for great recievers Bombers have a bad case of the drops in big games, I think emotionaly the Riders are more pumped and come sunday you will see of a more team effort then what the Bombers can give, and i have a problem going with a QB that has no CFL experience, especially in the big game, i think he's in for a long long day. Riders take this by 10 points.