Winnipeg is getting a new stadium

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Since the federal government has said that they want to put money into infrastructure, maybe NOW is the time to ask for a new stadium for Hamilton before IWS gets beyond repair.

I know there is a bid for the PanAm games, but maybe we should not wait that long to get this project off the ground.

Just found a second article on it ... adium.html

Looks like it is a done deal.

$100,000,000 of that stadium's cost will be carried by David Aspar.

Caretaker bob does not have ASPARations of that magnitude.

as I said Many Time Fix IWS
Unless a Retrofit can not be done for Safety Reasons
it's cheapest way to go.

a New Stadium will have a Track
This will Kill the site lines that IWS is Famous for

The whole Winnipeg getting a new stadium thing is very old news. It was announced at least a year ago.

Apparently, there have been 3 different proposals in that same year, zenstate.


Last winter there was a plan for the Polo Park site
where the existing Canad Inns Stadium is now,

by the summer, a stadium was part of a proposal
for a massive riverfront revitalization at Point Douglas.

By September, however, Asper started pitching for
a stadium on the University of Manitoba campus.

I believe the fans, the players and the producers would like this proposed stadium to have some type of retractable roof. The finances of the CFL were done well by the Grey Cup game that hosted 63 000 fans. Why don't you guys in Winnipeg join the civilized status of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver where a proper game environment for a football game is assured. This would assure Winnipeg would be an appropriate city to host the Grey cup, the Vanier cup and the myriad events your city could have in the Winter season.
I rembember many occasions that I watched [ from the comfort of my home ] the horrid conditions frequent in your late season CFL games. Surely your wealthy persons, your fans in general and your politicians could be able to erect such a stadium in a period where tons of infrstructure money is available!

This is football. Not baseball. Not hockey. Football. Played in all seasons, in all weather.

True David about the weather. But here's the crunch. First of all, we Canadians, as a rule, don't take football as seriously as they do in the US apart from a select few, we are generally more fair weather type football fans I'm afraid. Regular season bad weather not a big problem here. But take my wife who I've got her into the CFL and TiCats. She says, and it makes sense, she is not going to any Grey Cup spending darn good money for a ticket, to sit at the end of November in a stadium that can very well have bad weather with who knows what. And a game that is played with no daylight. No thanks she says. Again, this isn't the US you're talking about and even there they don't want to play a Super Bowl outside in cold climates.

If any city in Canada is serious about hosting Grey Cups where their team probably isn't going to be in it, they better have a dome unless it's maybe Saskatchewan. Or the price of the tickets are fairly inexpensive. Even with inexpensive seats, still makes for an expensive trip for two to a Grey Cup and then you sit outside in the dark, not watching your team play, and freeze your butt off. I don't think so and I love the CFL but enjoy going to games with the wife who will say "no way man." We had a great time at the Grey Cup this year and we enjoyed it immensely inside the dome at the Big O and our team wasn't in it. She says the next Cup she wants to go to is in, you guessed it, another domed stadium. Or right here in Hamilton where expenses would be limited with no travel, hotel, meals and that.

I see what you're saying, honestly I do! BUT....judging by the string of Grey Cup sell-outs (save for Montreal w/66,000) doesn't seem that selling out an expanded outdoor stadium is much of a problem in this league right now. Regina sold-out, Ottawa, and Winnipeg too! All of which, as you say, outdoors, at night and probably not your team.

Fair enough (Montreal was sold-out, they added more seats at the end when Montreal got in but it's a big stadium, only so many Als fans even in Montreal willing to pony up the cash. Let's see any other city get close to 66,000 - not going to happen). Unfortunately I won't be attending any GC as my wife, who does sort of call the shots on this, won't go if she is going to have to pay big bucks for a few days of partying and then sit in probably very cold weather. That's fine, maybe we'll just go once in a while for the partying though and watch the game from the hotel room. :wink:

I'm afraid Hamilton may have missed it's chance. What finally sold the new stadium here in Winnipeg is the fact that it will be shared by the Bombers and the Bisons (as well as many other U of M sports venues). Since MacMaster already has their new stadium, it will be an even tougher go for the Ticats to get a new stadium.

So why should the federal government build it?
It's going to be a tough sell to build a new stadium using federal tax dollars. Especially since other cities such as Ottawa can get a new re-built stadium without federal dollars. It's going to be private investors working with the city.

If the financial pundits are right, the economy "should" begin to improve about mid way through 2009.
By 2010, the economy "should"start to get back on track. If this actually happens, (and I think it will) the Feds and the province should be able to help finance a new stadium in Hamilton.

I don't think a retro fit for Ivor Wynne stadium is part of the plan, since the infrastructure of this stadium
is becoming more and more unsafe according to the engineers that now survey this landmark on an annual basis. In other words, IWS, as we know it, would likely have to be imploded and a complete rebuild would be necessary. I doubt that this will happen on its current site.

Other cities have made the move; why not Hamilton?