Winnipeg injuries

So far in the first half of this game, Winnipeg lost one of its best Olinemen (Goodspeed), and BOTH their #1 and #2 Quarterbacks. Is Montreal really that dirty, or is Winnipeg that unlucky? The hit that knocked Glenn out looked a bit late to me, and the hit that took the #2 QB out looked like a helmet to the chin spear.

Too bad for the blue bummers. They were looking good up until now, and are still leading by a point, but I don't like their chances now, with these injuries starting to mount.

the goodspeed injury is really the start of the domino effect that has since injured both QB's.

Another starting Olineman goes down for winterpeg. Apparently, they lost one last week also, so that's 3 injuries on the Oline in 1.5 games. From what Walby says (if you put any weight in what that idiot has to say), they will now have to put defensive lineman on the O-line. I guess that's why early season predictions aren't worth the paper their written on. Injuries can change the competetiveness of a team in a heartbeat.

we will be fine, and Montreal sould lay off the cheap shots, although our players should be stronger than that.

All I know is that Montford and the Eskies D are licking their chops at the opportunity to pound Glenn into pudding next week, when he is protected by that patchwork Oline, held together with duct tape and binder twine. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: But hey, at least you'll have a couple of built in excuses for your loss. Injuries and natural grass. Hey, with any luck, a couple of calls go the Eskimos way, and then you'll have the refs to blame as well.

GO ESKS GO!!!!!!!!

Guess they should be licking their chops. With three OL out and 4 days rest. Where were you when we beat your healthy team? Fortunately our defense is still there so...

godspeed will be back, but not in time for Edmonton, which worries me.

i heard goodspeed is out for the season....thats what they said on CBC

you ******* me? really? post the link mate.

Where was I? I was here, I just wasn't crying and screaming about loser excuses such as poor refereeing, like fans of some teams I know do after a big loss. I guess when you just accept the loss like a man, and accept that the better team won that day, and don't start half a dozen threads about how you were robbed by the worst refereeing in history, you don't have as big a profile after a loss. Doesn't mean I wasn't here.

Good luck being the best team on Thursday. But, as I mentioned in my previous post, when you do lose, I expect another half dozen threads full of loser excuses, such as injuries, short week, natural grass, referees, etc. Don't dissapoint me! Blue Bummer excuses are very entertaining!

I thought you were a girl!! :slight_smile:

WCE just made my

OMG! :lol: where have I heard that before?

hmm..your dline is gunna dominate our oline? HAHA..even with 2 dlineman playing as oline, montreal only had 2 sacks..and they had 6 against us in game 1...i think its ur oline that needs to worry with mr.warner playing..i say the eskiblows get 17 yards rushing

bombers will cruise to another sweet victory over the chumps from edmonton, and prove saturday didnt hurt the team

The esks are obviously a "passing first" team, so it wouldn't surprise me to see Davis get less than 50, as he's done so much this year, b/c he doesn't get enough pigskin.
With injuries and being a very tired team, I can't see the Bluebombers coming out on top of this game whatsoever. Add this to the fact that the esks are playing at home, and looking for revenge.

[b]Here's my list for any bomber fans who don't have their pre-fabricated excuses ready yet...

  1. turf conditions brutal- CFL shouldn't allow natural grass
  2. we had too many injuries.
  3. CFL scheduling is bullshit!
  4. refs hate us, they made edmonton win.
  5. we would have won if...(insert hypothetical statement here)
  6. they got lucky on a few plays.
  7. Kevin Glenn just had a bad day.[/b]

Thank me later boys.

Goodspeed was injured by one of his own teammates (I believe it was Roberts) when he was tackled and fell on Goodspeed's leg.

Glenn's injury was an accident like it can happen at anytime in football. One Alouette (I believe it was Bowman) came from the far side and caught Glenn by the legs, but Glenn stayed up. So Strickland, who was coming from the other side dived in Glenn's back to complete the sack before Glenn could throw the ball.

As for Mike Quinn... Duane Butler had a clear line and went completely untouched. So when he got to Quinn, he sure had a lot of speed. Now did he or did he not intentionnally knocked Quinn's facemask... I'd say only him knows it.

But my personnal take on it is this: If I was running at full speed - untouched - I would not try to tackle someone with the top of my head because my own neck would have to absorb the shock.

Quinn diagnosed with a bruised sternum and shoulder...So about that being a blow to the head with intent to injury, I guess when you are a fan you can say whatever makes you feel better. OH and Walby should put away the bias for 3 hours a week. That would be the "PROFESSIONAL" thing to do...

Yup Iam concerned about the injuries especially to the O line. Good time ot suck it up

The reality is that the BBs will be in tough with the Oline in a mess. That is where the game began to change on Sat. The only upside is that they will have 4 days to practice as opposed to no time on Sat. Win or lose I believe the BBs are in good shape and barrng injuries should only get better. Its a long season and we are 3-2 and well deservng of that record. Sat. should ultimatley help the BB`s

I like the Turf conditons one the best. I`ll remeber that one thanks