Winnipeg in Danger of Montreal and Hamilton passing them?

Winnipeg is slowly fading away, and it seems like this is LAPOLICE''s fault. I know blaming the coach is not always the right thing to do. But I have been critical of LAPOLICE mickey mouse play calling and conservative approach--

However what I do know is bottom line is that his team is doing what it did last year- LOSING CLOSE GAMES-- These games are winnable, sometimes its a YARD that they are short, sometimes its a FOOT--

I used to think LAPOLICE was a good coach, and some genius coordinator but I think we are seeing that LAPOLICE presses and gets really nervous, that spreads to the players who just blew both games at TORONTO and vs MTL and both were winnable.

A loss to Hamilton and then you are tied with Hamilton, a road game at hamilton is no sure win either.

The bottom line is that even with this defense the Bombers are finding ways to lose games, this defense is good but this is all on LAPOLICE--

Winnipeg better be carefull as they might not even make the playoffs if Lapolice doesent calm down and start relaxing.

You needed a YARD to win your DIVISION, you failed and stop complaining about the time on the clock and the blown whistle in the crowd in Toronto. When a team misses a yard like that sometimes they pack it in for the season, I am not sure PEG can recover and if they lose at HAMILTON next week which is a good chance, they might just lose most of their remaining games and miss the playoffs.

Actually, I don't mind a close race to the finish at all. How many times have we seen teams cruise through the regular schedule, only to self destruct when it matters. Sometimes loses can do more good than bad for a team in the long run.

It's a long season.


so maybe the O-line should've actually done something.

let's all quit blaming the coaches for our O-line sucking miserably.

.....Have to agree on the o line....BUT How do we fix it this late into the year....We could get some fresh legs in there with Butler.......Should we give Sorensen a shot (some say his footwork is like someone standing in mollasses)...maybe get Greaves in there...Obie has to go....Nice guy but the game has passed him by...His ailments have caught-up...Just look at the time Lulay had last night compared to Brink...and Brink is just as mobile...Cripes sometimes the Als. front four were staring down his throat before Brink could blink...Same happens when Buck is in there...I don't know what the answer is ...I suggest we make a trade in the offseason for a quality guy or go after an fa of value (if available)...Unfortunately very good NI o linemen don't grow on trees...Right now i just don't don't see a fix for us...The people we have now are going to get exploited big-time in the play-offs...Just hope for the best i guess :frowning:

we have to get Greaves in there. neither Khan nor Morley is any good. the tackles are ok, nothing special, LaBatte doesn't seem to be his usual self but he's still a heck of a lot better than the other interior OL.

it's definitely tough to get a quick fix at OL.. I think the best we can hope for is that eventually they figure out they need to get Greaves in and he ends up playing very well.. unless something happens and the opportunity to get a really talented NI OL arises, but I highly doubt that will happen

an O-line of Douglas - Greaves - LaBatte - Morley - January has to be better than Douglas - LaBatte - Khan - Morley - January.. LaBatte played well at C in camp.. and maybe that shift would spark him.. I think that's worth a try

....LaBatte has sunk down to the level of the play of some of the guys around him...He looked out of position a few times last night and that's just not how LaBatte usually plays....Trying him at centre might be a way to go...We have to shake something-up...Might as well start with one of our weaknesses...Next shelve Tim Brown...he's not worth wasting anymore time ...Maypray was released by the Als. ...could have a look at him or bring in someone else :roll:

Well imo, most of the problems are communication issues, too many times linemen are sliding and end up lost in space with nobody to block. This has been going on all year and to me that says the coach isn't doing his job as far as getting their responsibilities through to them.

When I was at the Banjo Bowl I ran into a former player in the Rum Hutt, this guy had tryouts in both the NFL/CFL way back when. He basically said the same thing, didn't like what he was seeing from the oline coach.

You can't win without an O LINE- Also why has the O line sucked all season long? When I watch winnipeg O line, someone comes clear past the O line on almost every single pass play--

We can say there is no QUICK FIX, but I believe this is a COACHING ISSUE also-

THe reason I say this is because there was a time earlier in the season that the BC O LINE was terrible also, and now they have improved and completely REVAMPED it, but with the same personnel.

I just don't think that the Bombers O line is any good, they might need to replace 2 of the really bad guys, but the schemes stink, they seem like they dont know how to block-

They almost look like mid 1980's Fat and slow O lineman before the current training and nutrition developped more athletic players--

IT's sad because WInnipeg could have a GREY CUP Contendor if they had an O LINE- Their receivers are fabulous for the most part, and they can get a new running back--

BRINK I think has the arm strength and running to be a star in the league, If this guy has time,he has the height and size and arm strength to stertch the field-

Lapolice I blame him, because how come he has made no changes to area of weakness? WALLY BUONO has changed so many areas of weakness and now look at BC--

Lapolice is a coach who seems like he is content trying the same things over and over and over-- He doesent seem to address any problems--
Bombers have tons of depth on Defense, but where is the depth on offense?

Lapolice I hate to say it does not seem like head coach material in a PRO league, he looks more like a COLLEGE coach who could win with superior talent. Coaches that are so hyped up and hyper dont last long in PRO leagues.

You guys still have Charlie Carpenter as your O-line coach, do you not? Methinks that's a big part of the problem. He was O-line coach for the Als in 2007, when we gave up a gazillion sacks. Furthermore, at least one lineman later admitted (after Carpenter left) that Carpenter seemed lazy and that the players didn't respect his blocking schemes.

...Carpenter was out of here long ago...DelMonaco is the o line coach and i really don't see what he brings if anything...Is it the quality of o linemen or the coaching...orrrrrr a little of both...What i do know is this part of our game has to be improved upon....and pronto if we're going anywhere post season :wink:

My bad. So Carpenter has nothing to do with it. But I do agree with the poster who suggested coaching may be an issue. Linemen are getting caught too often with nobody to block, sliding to the wrong place, and not picking up reads at the line. You're probably right in that coaching and personnel are both issues.

Delmonaco is indeed the Oline coach and was last year aswell, I think it's silly for me to pretend i know all the tricks and tecnhiques that Olinemen do but.. just from a fan who will admit, he doesn't really understand the Oline stuff so well, with you know i dont know a lot about the Oline. I just don't, coaching wise, no clue. Not a clue, i couldnt tell you if they are playing great or playing terrible or playing the way they are being coached to play.. but i do see something wrong there, no idea what.. personally, if i had to guess.. I think Reality is 3 of our starters (Morley,Douglas,Khan) are not very good.. 2 have been around forever, Morley mostly in a backup role and Khan, his best days were in OTTAWA. He's been an ok Center but.. Picard IMO was better.

Now, Obby may be a great locker room guy, this is what you hear and off the field, what a story.. coming back from colitis? Thats impressive. Good for OBBY but as an olineman, and a pretty important one, THE center, so IMO THE LEADER on the OLINE.. he hasnt been very good for a couple years now. Ottawa was a long time ago.. yeah that teams been gone a while.

Morley, 6th olineman most of his career,part time starter, full time in winnipeg.

Both these guys may not be back next year.. surely, we could maybe get a pick or a neg list player in return. surely.

Douglas was a rookie last year, played well, was the better of butler and douglas last year and butler i thought played well too.

I think tho coaching is the issue, u look at mtl, these guys have all die, rookie oline really in calgary, all day... they all seem to "get the first step when getting ready to "bloock" " . The bombers seem to step backwards first.. Thats coaching..

Get rid of Delmonaco and Khan Morley and Douglas at the end of the year.. cant do it now. have no one.

injuries on the oline to backups..swiston,kowalczchuk(sp?),Dunn back to school. Our best backup is butler, an american but he plays right tackle only, januarys current spot.

left to right can we go... January,Greaves,Labatte,Douglas,Butler and get away with it? cuz right now.. u take out khan (problem),morley(problem),and Douglas at Tackle(problem) and thats all we got.. Sorensen too.. I suppose he can play guard instead of douglas but.. You dress 6 olineman anyways and right now.. if u get rid of morley khan(the weakest links IMO) and lets even say Douglas goes.. well, With our injuries thats all we got. Is that an improvement over what we have now?


Butler,Greaves,Labatte,Douglas/Sorensen,Butler. Douglas/Sorensen.

Bombers hands are tied with the Oline for now.

nah. like you said, they suck and they won't be back next year. Well, Obby might but I hope not as a starter. anyway, the other teams know these guys too.. I don't think we could get a pick. maybe a random neg. list guy but even then, who knows. the demand for backup NI OL isn't that high and I don't think Khan starts anywhere else.. Morley definitely doesn't.

first one is very intriguing if we can get away with 3 imports. so long as we start Kashama we can (but then Mainor can't spell him whenever we want).. I don't know.. I honestly believe it's worth a try

Unless Mainor spells Kashama when Labbe spells Bowman, I suppose. Kinda risky though. If any of the NIs in this scenario get hurt, that would end the subbing...