Winnipeg Hosts the Grey Cup this year

It year will be 25 years for Winnipeg without a cup when this season ends and the Grey Cup is awarded. Likely to Calgary as they are the class of the league. At least we know that Winnipeg will put on a good party for the teams that are involved. They have the most die hard beer drinking fans in the league. Most teams would have folded long before 25 years. My crystal ball predicts that it will be Hamilton and Calgary in the big game again with Calgary being a repeat champion

How many modifications does your crystal ball allow during the season?

Where was the spoiler alert? Guess we should call off the season now.

Really? Would've thunk that?

I thought Winnipeg was the Paris of the Prairies.
A Naples of the North.
A Shangri-la amidst the clouds........ of insects.
Where a lumberjack is okay.

Not if the other teams improve. I live in Calgary and am a Stamps fan that will disagree. Stamps will not win the Cup.
2014 was a year that showed , not that the Stamps were great, but the rest of the league was bad.

That will not be the case in 2015 as the other teams will be better. Also, better teams than the Stamps have won the Cup and failed to repeat.

I have consulted with my crystal ball, cosmos alignment , and Ouija board.
They have all confirmed it will be Hamilton over Edmonton in Winnipeg in 2015.

Regardless, Winnipeg will put on a great show as they always do.



Those are some nice bombers

After Winnipeg will be Toronto(too soon IMO) then Ottawa will get the Centennial and a half game in 2017.. Hamilton will get 2018( basicly in To again, hopefully this works) Then it has to go West again so Edmonton is the most logo also place.. Montreal needs to get in there somewhere and of course Toronto demands another game too.

Toronto has first right of refusal to one of 2016 2017 and 2018. 2016 in Toronto isn't a sure thing. It could be 2018 with 2016 in Hamilton and 2017 in Ottawa to mark Canadas 150th anniversary.

Also when it goes out west in 2019 Saskatchewan and its new $300 million stadium is the most logical place to go over Edmonton.