Winnipeg hits rock bottom!

When we get blow out by our rivals that we beat 3 times in a row last year.

…but the only way the BB’s can go now is up!

So what do you guys, BB’s fans and other CFL fans, think the BB’s need to do to get back into the season, and at least give Edmonton a run for their money next week?

I DON’T KNOW WHEN …You change QB’S in a game because I am not a coach…but cripes if you are losing the way BOMBERS were last night and you don’t make an effort to try someone else…hell …when do you… DALEY START SOMEONE ELSE AGAINST EDM…Glenn does not have it.(yet) …and you don’t need a game film to see it. You got nothing to lose (except people at the gate if you don’t) BOMBERS have tried other QB’S during preseason without hersitation…no one is set at that position as proven out against Sask…Daley open your eyes…this could get worse. :roll:

With all due respect to the once mighty Bombers, how fast can a team fall so far. At the start of last season many were picking the bombers to be in the hunt at least for the west if not the Grey Cup. Last night’s performance looked like a jr. high team. What to do??

  • Need a qb- bring back Khari???
  • Need an inspirational coach
  • Need some sense of organization on punt teams
  • and on and on and on!!!

It is not as satisfying beating a team that looks so bad. Most fans would prefer a tight contest with two good teams playing hard. Sadly for Bomber fans it is going to be a long, long season!!!

papazoola, I too wonder why the Bombers didn’t pull Glenn near the end of the game??? At the very least it was an opportunity to test the other QB’s under real game conditions.

I hate to say it, but Glenn is not the answer for the Big Blue. The next game will show us what this team is made of and if Glenn doesn’t get the job done for heaven sake make a change up and see what the other QB’s have.

You guys sound more like trying the CFL as a bush league and such cflfanfl/papazoola/turkeybend. Why be “obliged” to take out the QB??? You need someone who you can invest confidence in, and NOT a revolving door policy on QB’s. The Riders were better.

The riders were definitely the better team, but the bombers really do need a qb that can lead. It looks like the players have no faith in Glenn and he strikes me as not being able to step up and take charge and lead. That is more of a problem then his shitty passing performance or his reluctance to take off with it. He really did look shit scared which is surprising for guy who has started 12 games and has been in the offence for over a year now. I hate to say it but qb is the problem, the blown cover on special teams can be fixed but a qb who cant lead his team and one the players dont have faith in is not repairable. Someone else has to step up at the qb position now before the season is lost.

As someone said earlier, the BBs need a coach that can motivate. Daily is supposidly a great guy who’s honest with his players and doen’t play mind games. This is why Truluck (sp?) made the effort to congratulate Daily on hearing he was appointed head coach last year. But I don’t have a lot of faith in Daily as a head coach, I think it had a lot to do with yesterday’s results. I was at the game last night, and it was so bad I almost felt sorry for the bluebummers, almost- ha - ha :twisted: .

Changing the QB when a game is out of reach to give realtime experience to the backup QB is not an obligation and certainly nothing new in football. It’s far from a revolving door. Glenn looked terrible last night and it couldn’t have hurt to let him stand on the sidelines for a few plays and observe and regroup, then go back in.

I hate the revolving door policy…but hell when your supposedly NO. 1 guy is stinking the joint out you don’t keep him in the game…especially when you got talent standing around with a clip-board. If they would have played like that in a home-opener in the Peg…they would have cleared the place at half time…C.C. pre-season Esks.(STINKER)…sometimes you can look, good 'even though you lost, because you gave a 100% and the fans know it…last nights effort 0 percent…that hurts and there will be fall-out. :cry:

I think we should give Michna a go, he showed he could do it in traning camp.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. If the BB’s are a horrible football team, I’m waiting 5 games into the season before making that assumption. I don’t believe anyone, convinced that the Riders dominated, because the Bombers ARE capable of doing better.

The passion and intensity we must show is based on the players desire to win. God willing.

I saw all the games this week. Winnipeg’s offence showed the least creativity of all the teams. Even Ottawa had some variety in play-calling. I think Daly is out of his league or whomever is the offensive co-ordinator.
A sad, long season for Boober fans. Too bad, as a non-competitive team hurts the league. Would you pay to see that awful football?? Most would stay home then go see the Boobers when they come to town. Good luck Bomber fans- I sincerely hope better days are ahead for you and for the league’s sake!!!

Riders Rule

five games into the season, bigcanadiano,… is this some sort of magic no. The way the west is this year that could be all she wrote if you drop them all. …this team has alot of talent and vets. I still see them in contention but something has to radically change…and come togehter quick. What I seen last night ain’t it. :arrow:

Common on guys its only one game.
That fact that the BB beat RR three times last year means nothing. Did you truly think that you would never again lose to them.

Look at Toronto last year. Montreal CREAMED them 3 time in the regular season and then lost in the Eastern final. Looks like it was a good thing that Toronto didnt give up on themselves

ya know there is losing and there is ugly losing…obviously you haven’t experienced that yet…what I watched last night ro1313 sends a message of urgency of sorts…I hope the BOMBER coaches picked that up. :!:

No matter what the Bombers do this year, they aren’t and won’t be Cup Contenders in 2005. So if I were them, I’d let Russ Michna play the whole year (or let him split time with Wynn), so that the team gets more experienced and comfortable QBs in the year where they host the Grey Cup. Make this year a developmental year.

Yeah, I agree. it’s looking like the Bombers are going to be the whipping boys this year.

They might as well make the most of it and figure out which QBs they should invest in for next year. I think Glenn’s days are numbered.

Thank god we got the bye on week 20.