Winnipeg Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

And wait until they get Ellingson and maybe even Carlton Agudosi back.

Their play design and preparation is unrivalled.

If this was Europe where they have relegation, they'd be favourites to take the AFC North crown this year.

Any updates on Agudosi?

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It's hard to say. He could be ALMOST ready to play for all we know. We have so many gifted receivers right now it's embarrassing. In last night's game we started 3 Canadian receivers. Which other team in this league can do that and still score over 50 points?

We're going to lose half of these guys in the off season during free agency... maybe we should trade one or two of them to some needy playoff bound team in the East. Saskatchewan would clean up as the crossover club if we stacked their receiving corps just before the trade deadline.

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We require an On-line... All other puzzle pieces are present at this time.

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That's exactly right. I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that a hulking import who's already on your practice roster and up to speed with your offense would be plugged into your line just as soon as Rider's management wakes up and smells the coffee.

I'm still trying to figure out why they haven't done this already. Hasn't poor Fajardo suffered enough?

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Peg is solid.

Only Calgary has a shot at knocking them off

Cannot see W losing another game this year until they are only playing 2nd/3rd stringers in last couple of games of the year

I hate to say it but 3 peat looks imminent.

Aside from one remaining game against Calgary we play NO more teams with winning records between now and the last two games of the season. So... barring disaster we'll probably lock up first again well before we play BC again to finish things up.

Just between you and me I kinda get the feeling that someone by the name of Jake Maier's going to knock us off in the final. He's getting better and better each game he starts.

Actually Maaax we don’t play Calgary again. We play Hamilton, bye, Sask, Edm, BC, bye BC.

With Rourke out Calgary may find itself lucky enough to finish second, but they are still one game behind BC in the loss column so that is not a given. If they do finish ahead of BC and host them in the WSF it would be very interesting if Rourke managed to return for that game.

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well Calgary should have won two of those games. when do you see a holding call, ever, on 3rd and short? and the runback, taking points off the board combined with Dickenson not taking the sure points. i am sure you can sayy that in every game, for every team. Winnipeg is the class of the CFL right now, but its tough to keep winnning. I will always cheer for the Bombers (next to the stamps) because their fans cheered for us in both Grey Cups there. Loss to Tor and Win over Mtl. bombers, bombers, bombers.

Oh man... if Rourke comes back early it'll be will the help of pain-killers. That kind of foot injury leaves the victim in discomfort for a long time during and after the healing process.

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Pretty sure the reason why is that all talent for O lines is already spoken for and currently already playing.... The really good one are are on the bomber and Cowtown squads

They also play BC x2

At the end of the regular season darn it all. We might be starting our second stringers by then.

Calgary plays BC twice in the next two weeks I believe which will be for 2nd place

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But i have to tell ya Winnipeg fans, its nice to see your success, it really is. Especially after the first few years in the new digs. I like the WPG fan, they are always respectful on the road. But get ready for other teams to pick you apart now. look at the stamps and all the guys they have playing around the league. Toronto has like 9 guys guys from the '18 cup team. and McManis. SSK likes our linemen. Wes Cates too. But when you have that steady of a team for the last 30 years (except for Feterik era) you will lose lots of starters. Going from Harris to Oliveira is good right? Well Stamps went from Anderson to Reynolds to Cornish and now Carey. But lost Cates in the process. And sometimes mass exodus. They lost Garcia, Dickenson and Burris all the to NFL in one calendar year. As long as Mike O'Shea is there and has say in the players, they will be good. Chris Jones in Edmonton too, I know people dont like him and he tampers, but he wins eventually, good contacts down south. They key to having a good franchise is consistency in the office. Buono and Huff are the two most valuable pieces to ever be employed by the stamps.

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That'll be exciting to watch. But if they split games then they'll still be 8 points back of us... which would make our last two games against BC dull as paint. Personally I'd prefer to be looking forward to finishing on a high note having just played all of our starters in back to back nail biters. The chances are pretty good that we'll clinch first before the last two games of the season just like last year.

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Winnipeg is an aging team. Their scouting will be put to the test in the next couple of years.

Sask at one time had a dominent oline too until you had retirements and NFL departures.

That would be something if Rourke could make it back for the playoffs and upset Winnipeg in Winnipeg. Only stuff that dreams are of, so not going to happen unfortunately.

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O'Shea is an amazing coach. Great play calling. He's turned Oliveira around this season. Winnipeg doesn't take bad penalties and everyone takes care of their assignments. Well done.


My favorite bombers are the two D men. Jefferson and Jeffcoat. They could play for me anytime. Those two dudes could stand in a 12ft circle and touch both edges without moving. the wingspan. LOL. good players

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