Winnipeg has Good Shot at 1st place--

I think the most likely scenario is that both Winnipeg and MOntreal are going to go 0-2 to finish the year.

Winnipeg lost to Argos, Montreal is losing to CALGARY and will not beat TATE the great.

Next week Winnipeg will lose for sure to Calgary at Calgary as Lapolice is not smart enough to win a game with the ROOKIE BRINK who has had the luxury to start every game at home this season. Pathetic special teams combined with horrible punting and horrible play calling and really bad O line play and general strategy means Winnipeg shouldnt even bother going to Calgary as they will not win theere next week.

Calgary will beat WInnipeg next week forcing BC to beat Montreal at home to win the WEST division. I think then BC should be able to beat Montreal at that point.

So Winnipeg getting in revolved around Calgary beating Montreal today, who will then beat WInnipeg easily next week and then BC beating Montreal--

This is the only scenario that Winnipeg can get in the playoffs. Also when Montreal loses to Calgary today, Winnipeg with a WIN can WIN the East with a WIN next week, but we all know that Winnipeg cannot do that, if they could have beaten Toronto once, or MOntreal when they needed 1 yard or at Edmonton, they would have WON the EAST--- NOT TO MENTION a WIN vs the ARGOS would have won them the EAST after MOntreal loses to CALGARY today.

0-4 for Winnipeg and MOntreal is the best shot.

Talk about counting your chickens before they are hatched LOL !

Winnipeg is going to have another shot at REDEMPTION as they should be playing again for the EAST, and they would be able to destroy Calgary normally if BURRIS was the QB--

However in this case TATE the GREAT is the QB and he is the real deal. He is very good and smart and I think BRINK will not do much on the road with the bad playcalling and bad morale and control freak LAPOLICE. Sure the defense can limit TATE but simply put this WInnipeg team is not clutch--

They might win the EAST due to the obvious signs that CALVILLO is tired at this point in the season. This is getting ridiculous, I really think Winnipeg should get GREG MARSHALL or a coach with a CLUE. Lapolice may have been a good coordinator but he is a terrible coach. Some guys can coordinate, some guys cannot coach. Lapolice is a sure bad coach.

The KRYPTONITE of the Bombers is the fact that they ARE INCAPABLE of winning as favorites, the Bombers always play their best as an UNDERDOG-- Lol they might actually have a shot on the road as DOGS, but TATE is not BURRIS, he can read a defense and will score points, so kicking a bunch of field goals is not going to win vs Calgary.

Bc had 5 injuries last night of differing variety. Lets hope BC is healthy as the game between BC and MONTREAL will decide both winners of the EAST and WEST--

This is all assuming that WInnipeg doesent go into CALGARY and WIN but I think Winnipeg shouldnt even bother making the trip and just conceed the loss to avoid the fans any more pain and frustration of watching LAPOLICE ball.

Also from a BC perspective we had BUCK PIERCE and could not wait to run him out of town, BUCK is not a good QB, he was never good with BC despite great teams here in BC, he never cemented the job, he could not beat out the incumbent Jarious Jackson as starter--

IF winnipeg fans think a QB is good if he takes the snap and runs around like a chicken with his head cut off is good then I guess PIERCE is good-- Pierce is not a #1 starter, BC does not trade away good QBS--
BRINK is your FUTURE QB-- CAN ANYONE answer why the O line looks really bad when Pierce is in there but when BRINK is in there the O line looks better?
PIerce is fragile and really overrated, PIERCE has won nothing and will win nothing--

I watched TATE in IOWA, he is the real deal, I am shocked that they even signed Burris with this star on the roster.

TATE is the man, he will be the new Doug Flutie of the CFL--

The guy is just really good, and yes the ALOUETTES will lose today, TATE will schred their secondary apart.

You should be aware that Burris signed in Calgary many years before Calgary signed Tate.

Lets forget about Burris, he is a disgrace to the CFL and football in general, the guy makes a mockery of playing QB and has no business even playing in the CFL--

As we are seeing guys like BRINK, TATE< LULAY, ELLIOT are the real future stars at QB--

Anyways I actually think that a MONTREAL win is better today for WINNIPEG--

BC NEEDS TO WIN REGARDLESS VS MOntreal unless EDMONTON loses to Saskatchwan next week-

Winnipeg would be facing a CALGARY team who plays on the road the following week at EDMONTON OR BC--

Winnipeg would win at CALGARY and BC can beat MONTREAL--

Yes Tate is very good but The Als at home are no joke and to claim the game is done in the first quarter is a joke, oh and that same Tate will be waiting for your Bombers next.g

I just had a feeling the game is over in the 1st qtr-- TATE is better than Calvillo and every other QB in the CFL–

Look at his composure and his ability. Calgary is going to be one of the hardest teams to beat along with BC–

And ya TATE is going to beat the Bombers also next week, we know this.

You're kidding right? Please tell me you're kidding, Tate hasn't even played 2 full games, and you're saying he is better then the man who has the most passing yards ever?? Tate is good, not great, YET. Maybe he will be, but to put him anywhere near Calvillo is CRAZY!

Tate is clearly the best QB in the league, he can do things that all other QBs cannot do. All these other qbs have played for years and had thousands of reps and all of them are not improving.

How many years has KEVIN GLENN been losing to Montreal? Can kevin Glenn win anywhere on the road in the CFL? Tate TD as i type this--
Has henry Burris improved? Jyles? Calvillo has played for ever and thats the only reason for his success, he has played for so many years and has had some good coaching and teams around him.

Tate is the best, FLUTIE was not this good in his first year, Tate is the MAN, how many QBS can go on the road and win in MONTREAL in a crucial game--

TATE is better than the other QBS because he HAS TOUCH on his passes, he knows how to throw a loft on his passes that are impossible to defend as a DB-

That’s the thing with Tate, is he hasn’t had very many reps, so teams have basically ZERO game film to study him. I like Tate, he is very good, but to say he is the best in the league is a joke. Maybe once he has played more games we can say that, but as of right now, he is a just a really good young QB. He is still young learning the game, he is going to make mistakes. And he hasn’t won this game yet either.

.....When you have to back into the post season.... :thdn: not great....BUT you take whatever the 'football gods' annoint with you (right Tom)....B.C. is going to be very tough in their own park for all the marbles...Calgary likewise...This Tate kid is going to be tested by a very good defence...better than the one in Montreal..sooooo a Cal. win is not guaranteed...All we have to do is get Brink to come-up with a respectable showing ...ala Tom Burgess and we could WIN-OUT top spot....I like our chances :wink: :thup:

Calling Burris a disgrace is a ignorant statement, I believe he was the MVP last year of the league and won a Grey Cup in front of 60 000 fans at the big O,in 2008. He is having a tough year and it happens but he has had a great career and has won a lot of games.

Burris is a great ambassador for the league and a great man, however his abilities as a PRO QB are the issue here.

Facts are facts and inside the CGY organization both Huffnagel and Dickenson were completely fed up with trying to run a CFL offense with a QB who has no head for the game.

Facts- Burris is very quick, he has good speed- Burris has a cannon arm- Prob one of the stronger arms around anywhere--

Facts- Read above and that's all BURRIS HAS- Burris is no PRO QB- He is just not good enough, he has never been good enough, he holds the worst NFL QB rating in NFL history despite playing only 1 game in the NFL-
Burris has absolutely no ACCURACY at all and cannot hit open receivers at all-
Burris cannot throw on the run-
Burris cannot locate the open areas vs the ZONE defense-
Burris cannot read the defense and throws in triple coverage-

Huffnagel and Dickenson would have to tell Burris exactly how the play would unfold and where to throw it, what kind of MVP QB needs help like that--

The MVP award is a complete joke and means nothing, if it meant something would BURRIS be benched this season? You dont see BRADY and MANNING and ROGERS being benched for a rookie-

Burris I am telling you, and I predicted this way earlier is the worst professional QB playing anywhere, he is nothing more than a STRONG ARMED guy who has mobility-

I absolutely agree that the Bomber D will play well next week. They seem to play well after tough losses and play their best DEFENSE on the road--
However I dont think the offense will score enough to beat CGY-

Lapolice will coach next week to NOT LOSE, and will waste a good defensive effort- With BRINK at QB, and the issues with Winnipeg offense, I cannot see them scoring much more than field goals--

I think the bottom line might be in a 1 game showdown you might just witness a huge huge huge coaching mismatch with HUFFNAGEL vs LAPOLICE--

Certainly the Bombers have a chance but with BRINK on the road in a hostile environment and the CGY offense is now PROLIFIC- Where is bURRIS when you need him?
Tate will score points next week and even if he struggles like hell Winnipeg will probably lead 9-3 or something like that--

Lapolice has not figured out that you need TOUCHDOWNS to win and have to score points, how many short 4 yard passes can you throw over and over--
Lapolice is a control freak who really is a terrible head coach-

Speaking of BRINK I think you have to give this guy some credit--

He reminds me of a YOUNG MATT DUNIGAN-- He is tall, stands tall, is confident and can hit the INTERMEDIATE throws downfiield--

BRINK can push the ball downfield and hit the deeper routes-

BRINK has a great arm and looks like a QB-- Pierce should be his backup, there is no comparison between the 2 qbs--
BUCK is a good backup but thats it--

BRINK is going to be good, he can connect deep with Edwards, Carr and Denmark-

Now its going to come down to BC--

If BC can win vs MTL WINNIPEG will get in the playoffs---

I think this is the best way for PEG to get in the playoffs--

I think Winnipeg could win this game but due to TATE now being the starter and CGY actually can score now, and I really think LAPOLICE needs to give his head a shake-

Lapolice is single handedly screwing the whole season up--

MEMO TO LAPOLICE-- FORFEIT the game at Calgary if you are going to coach like a chicken and do your same stupid play calls-

BC will probably beat MTL anyway, but still WInnipeg, you have had 5 chances in a row to WIN 1 game to WIN This and you canot do it?

Seriously someone needs to fire up this Winnipeg team and motivate them to go out and WIN THE CRUCIAL game and GO and EARN first place.

.....If Mr.Tate thinks he can throw some of those rainbows like he was completing in the Als. game...think again... Bomber ballhawks will be all over those and licking their chops...Make no mistake....Cal. will be hungry smelling that top spot....but so will the Bombers D...and what do they say about defences....they win championships....BUT even if we come-up short the Als. will have to play 'especially' well against a Lion team who are just as hungry as the Stamps...I'd hate to win the east using a tie-breaker...BUT it's a distinct possibility...Anyway GOBOMBERS...reg. season is just about done ...bring on the post-season.. :thup: :rockin:

Geez guru if you keep making glaring factual inaccuracies you'll have to dispense with the "guru" in your handle.

First you questioned why Calgary signed Burris with Tate already on the roster, which is the reverse of the reality.

Now you say this:

You must have missed the memo. . . Winnipeg is already in the playoffs. . .

Also glossed over Burris's MVP award as not worthy,because he said so!