Winnipeg @ Hamilton

Come on Cats! :thup:

Not a fan of the Bombers, and I picked the Cats to win. :lol: But damn, those yellow helmets are bad. :?

Go Hamilton! :thup:

I cheer Hamilton but I boo sandro!

Great game for Bruce again. At least that's what rod black tells me. He would look good in red and white

He would look good in any jersey :thup:

Except Toronto aparrently

Went out to grab some Wendy's. Got back and the scores 17-7 for the Cats. Love it! :smiley:

dont forget the riders and the cats tho... hopefully they can actually hold on this time... speaking of wich i loved stalas TD cele that game, im sure the riders fans were thrilled haha

i love those retro jerseys, altho i'd prefer the numbers on the shoulder rather than the sleeve.
too bad you can't customize stuff like that when you buy the jersey.
i'd get the retro they are wearing tonite, put the numbers on the shoulder and make the numbers all white, like the riders retro buy that forsure.

they should use my design for the permenent home jerseys. :stuck_out_tongue:

The actually jersey looks OK. It's just the helmet I don't like. I prefer the black helmet.

agreed....and the new logo.
old one is a paint blob. can't see the tiger through the mess of black and orange swirls.

Um... Who the hell is the Big O? :lol:

the stadium in montreal came and made a tackle???

black just makes up nicknames on the spot...then they never get used again.
black must go!
bring in that gord hockey guy....theres a nickname for ya.

Now that was some stellar tackling! :o

Well, I would've preferred a TD, but I'm glad they at least followed Winnipeg's score with one of their own.

And as I say that, Hamilton gives up another TD. :roll:

why the hamilton cornerback, barker, didnt turn to atleast glance at the ball is beyond me....had he atleast glanced, he coulda had a chance for a knockdown or pick.....

hamilton sure knows how to give up a 10 point lead, and squander another Bruce-show.

why are the cats not using stalla, or mann?

Double M... :roll:

And that was a terrible run by Cobb.

Whoo! A circus catch by Stala! :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely don't agree with going for the two-point convert. What's the difference between a 5-point lead and a 6-point lead? It's not like the two-point convert would've made it a two score game.