Who would have thought we'd see this at halftime. Lumsden is running wild with 118 yards and a TD, and Roberts is absent with only 23 yards.

That's is CFL!

my god the bombers secondary fucking sucks

The Cats are lighting it up on offence tonight!

I could against that secondary

i thought that was a cheap thing to do, wait a split second b4 the convert to throw the challenge flag :roll: now thats CHEAP!

lmao, it was out before the snap...

find something else to complain about

Credit where credit is due, Hamilton is playing a pretty good game, and Winnipeg is turning the ball over a lot.

OK, what the hell? Unnecessary roughness, sure. But they toss Anderson and give Winnipeg 25 yards? What the hell is that crap?

We all know that the refs are gonna do somthing stupid in EVERY game and make some B/S call so....

LMFAO it wont be me lookin for something to complain bout after this game. :lol: YOU will :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesse Lumsden is a BEAST!!!!!!!

…whooo hooo what a freaking run by Lumsden!!!..

Well im going to go ahead and assume the CPOW and the OPOW awards won't be feel good stories this week :wink:

Congrats Cats!

You guys played a helluva game. You deserve the win.

We sucked today and I'm really ticked.

Run up the score...go ahead...shit.

Go Blue!

Crap? Are you kidding me? He deserves to be fined as well. The play was whistled dead a good three seconds before Anderson PICKED HIM UP AND THREW HIM ON HIS HEAD. That is how players get broken necks and career ending injuries. It was a dirty cheap shot. Stop your whining you EDIT.

Internet tough guy, eh? :roll:

great win Hamilton great intensity Holy crap is Lumsden scary

Hey bombes you did me proud fought hard right to the end no whining no crap just played hard and got be by a better team tonight

Okay Dust... Is that your response because you have realized you are a moron? Think of something to defend your point instead of making sarcastic, dumbass comments like that.

I find it kind of funny that Suitor keeps talking about the tie-breaker and running up the score cause Hamilton now has the tie-breaker on Winnipeg cause of Winnipeg's tie it's pretty unlikely they would end up tied at the end of the year anyway. I suppose Winnipeg or Hamilton could be involved in another tie game but its pretty unlikely