Winnipeg-Hamilton trade

Can anyone tell why the bomber's feel that trading Peterson for Brazzle is going to change their mishaps on the field. I think it all comes down to who prepares the best for game day. One player is not going to change that. Maybe the organization should be looking at the offensive co-ordinator and from there look a little closer at the players and their conditioning regiment.

I thought it was a great trade for Winnipeg.
Too bad the Riders didn't land Brazzle, given how decimated our receivers are.
Sometimes trades don't look like much on paper, but they can make big differences on how a team responds.

Well Chewbacca, you have a point but the receiver's the bombers have are pretty good bunch without brazzle, if they can get their act together at QB, maybe they can turn things around :slight_smile:

How do I put this....HE SUCKED !!! If Bazzell SUCKS..he'll get released too.

Yopu need a QB not a receiver!

I agree put it this way a blind guy would be an upgrade from Peterson.