Winnipeg @ Hamilton - June 12, 2008 - Game Discussion

Yup, even if it wasn't a great game, just being at the game again, awesome, walking into the stadium, ticket person ripping, err scanning your tickets now new age style, fantastic. Walking up the aisle to your seats. I love it!

Is anyone else a bit alarmed that there were only 15,231 fans at the stadium? Thats 5,000 less than last year.

It's a preseason game. Generally they're snoozefests. I'm actually always surprised that the turnout for preseason games is so healthy.

True enough, it's only pre-season. I just don't want to see this franchise get into trouble. I think there is reason for optimism this season in Hamilton. A play-off spot should be within reach. At any rate they will be better this season.

You can't blame Hamilton fans for being skeptical after the past few years. If they show right from the start of the season that they're not going to be the league doormats anymore, then fans will come back. If they go 0-8 out the gate yet again, fans will stay away, and rightfully so.

With printers having the benefit of starting the season this year from the beginning as opposed to jumping into things last year after the ship was already sunk will help. He gets the benefit of a full camp to develope some chemistry with his receivers and with the total offense.

Hows his hamstring?

Not alarmed at all. The Cats have basically stunk for the past few years and fans are voicing their opinion, some anyway. Myself, I will be a season ticket holder as long as I see that Cats management want to win and this is what I see. Our owner has learned a few lessons over the past few years and I think eventually this will lead us to the Grey Cup, very soon.

Before anyone reads anything into these games....Allow me to Quote the Als' new head coach!

Preseason games are for evaluating...not for winning!

Sure the attendance sucked but like many people have said it is only a pre season game. I am pretty confident that there were less people there last night than there are season ticket holders this year. The game meant nothing so not too many people went out of their way to attend.

Yes, definitely not alot to worry about when it comes to preseason attendance. The Esks probably won't draw 31k for their preseason game like they did last year, unless alot of Rider fans show up for it.