Winnipeg @ Hamilton - June 12, 2008 - Game Discussion

It's that time again, time for the game threads. I'll be glad to kick it off this year with the Winnipeg/Hamilton pre-season game. Kickoff just minutes away. You can listen to it on CJOB in Winnipeg ( to listen online anywhere. If you have Cogeco they are playing it on cable. Let's get this started guys, been a loooong off season.


anthems going now

I didn't realize the pre-season started tonight. :oops:

Go Ti-Cats!

and you admit that in public?

Printers is playing for Hamilton

That I didn't know the pre-season started today? Yeah. Who cares? :expressionless:

Not me...preseason means squat anyway, really...

BAH, you guys are weak football is football we got a cadre of people on chat listening to the game who have been following these rookies in camp now we get to see them in action. I like how its a lot of hamilton starters vs rookies from winnipegs :stuck_out_tongue:

Hamilton up 6-0 all points from Mr. Setta, Printers stepped his game up, good for him :smiley: Dinwiddie playing fine so far

…apparently Dinwiddie only has Fred Reid and Franklyn as offensive weapons…i thought in a pre-season you should at least try mixing it up a bit…ouch… :lol:

HAHA bite the tongue he was passing it around quite well, Fairooz got the TD, BB up 8-6 going into the third

Seems to be pretty much the same in the MTL tor game
Starters for Tor…rookies for Mtl 17-14 MTL

Even the new Head coach seems to agree.
He says these games are for evaluating not winning

Went for it on a 3rd and 4 and a 3rd and 5…Successfull both times

....i can see Fairooz making this team somehow...he's had a terrific t.c. and a good one...its gonna be tough to let a guy of his calibre go...BUT ...we have alot of talent in the receiving corps...gonna be some tough decisions come cut-down time... :roll:

your damn right papa :frowning: thats unfortunate too

The game is just awesome to listen to. As for the Bombers tough decisions, I'd say it's a common theme around the league. If you are worried about other teams scooping guys you better release your rookies because a team can't tell how good they are. Where as a veteran they can compare to what they have. Anyone notice how quiet/protective our fans have been about our rookies in the Saskatchewan forum? Smart cookies!


Bringing some heat he's at our 6 at the end of the third. Oh kel, Sask fans are at their best I promise crashing bombers chats chanting RIDERS ROOOL BOMBERS DROOOOOL they havent missed a beat lol.

o ya interception jovon johnson!!


Kel do you really think any of the CFL's GMs are looking at this forum for info about rookie players?

I dont think so...

Hamilton won 12-10. Good job by both teams!

On Hamilton:

-Printers - looks like he's back to form, is there another beast in the east?

  • Richie Williams - no comment

  • Chang - Played very well brought Hamilton their only touchdown I enjoyed his time on the field.

  • Nick Setta - Hamiltons got nothign to worry about not flawless, but nothing to worry about thats for sure.

On Winnipeg:

  • Dinwiddie - WOW! Played quite well, it shows he's been practicing since the Grey Cup. He didn't play bad in the Grey Cup, but tonight he showed his worth and shook whatever rookie nerves he had. Took it to the line twice. One time Fred Reid (WPG backup RB) fumbled form the 1yrd, but Dinwid took it back for a TD by Fairooz!! Excellent glad to see Dinwid take some form and perform like we know he can.

  • Randall - Played very well!! Looks like Bombers have some depth at QB now, he just learnt the CFL game and he's young I'd watch out for this guy. He's not gonna unseat Dinwid, at least not now but this is a guy I'd keep my eyes on.

  • McCoy - Didnt play for very long maybe 4 minutes. Came in and on his first 3rd went for it on a throw and got it then tried going up then when he hit third again HE RAN IT HIMSELF! Bad mistake. He needs some work, im not writing him off, but come on dude.

At any rate Great game, awesome to listen to I'm excited to see how Hamilton does this season and as always watch out for the Big Blue in 2008!

Oh and on Bombers kicking, nothing to report, I can't say awesome things about wither. Troys got the strength, but he cant control it.... Hopefully it picks up but it might be Winnipegs weakness again this year.

I was at the game tonight and I can tell you one thing. It was BORING. I know it was a pre season game and there are a lot of new players (especially on the Cats) but there were too many players that did not even make an appearance at the game for it to get exciting. Printers played the first quarter and threw maybe two balls more than ten yards. Winnipeg did not even fly out seven of their starting offensive players, and the locks to make the Ti-Cats (except Printers) did not even dress. It was truly an exhibition game, try new plays and players, it may as well just been an inter aquad game. Never the less it was still great to get back to Ivor Wynne and watch some football.