Winnipeg/Hamilton Fans

After killing some time today reading the Hamilton and the Winnipeg forum topics about the game on Friday, I have come to a realization.....

No matter what happens this should be one hell of a game, although I'd prefer if Winnipeg wins.

Hamilton still looking for their first win will play like they have nothing to lose and that can make them dangerous and unpredictable.

Winnipeg's defense will feel like they have something to prove in stopping Lumsden.

As for Stegall's record......if he gets it he gets it, if he doesn't...well...we just keep waiting, and I'm perfectly content with that as well.

Anyway just some of my thoughts.

Cheers. :cowboy:

Should be a great one. I'm glad it's here in Winnipeg. I expect Lumsden will have a bit more trouble running against our D than against BC's (Barrin Simpson is probably the best middle linebacker in the league against the run), however we have a lot of injuries in our secondary and could be vulnerable to a passing game if Maas can get on track. Gavin Walls coming back should ensure that he doesn't have much time to throw though.

As for our offense we're in for a tough time against Hamilton's D who are a very good group. For the past two years I've always hated playing Hamilton because I'm always worried their hard hitting linebackers will injure some of our offensive stars (heck they knocked out both Glenn and Stegall in one game last year).

In any case it should be a great one. Go Bombers!

My observations tell me that Hamilton improves with each game. Their confidence is also improving and I believe that they will be due against Winnipeg. If they win this game, look for a 3game win streak and a very close Eastern conference.

The Tabbies play decent Football, we lost to the Tabbies when they really game in the CFL is a lock this year. The Bombers do have confidence and were building on every game....great match up...Go Bombers..

I won't say the Bombers will win, but if Hamilton can't limit Roberts, they will have a hard time winning this one.

No doubt...Our Bombers will be poison for the CATS. Will it be slow...or will it be fast. As long has we don't trip and fumble the

Seems as though it might end up being a battle of runningbacks.

I just hope that they do not underestimate the Cats. Hopefully they play them as though they were playing the top team in the league.

I hope so....Roberts vs Lumsden..Blink is a warrior that shines in CFL combat...GO Bombers..

I would like to see that Face to Face shot of Lumsden and Roberts.

David Vs Goliath (maybe exagerating a bit)

Who's money is on Goliath?
Yeah Winnipeg is trigger happy.

They will work the Defence of Hamilton like Sailors on young tramps in the maritime shipping docks in 1897.

Bush, Malbrough & Bean, all out of the Bomber secondary. We have been lucky so far, that no one has been able to light us up there yet. The key will be to give up the underneath stuff and not the big play and try to hold the TiCats to field goals. I suspect it will be another low scoring defensive struggle with penalties and turnovers deciding the outcome. Unless the Bomber offense decides to play more than just the 4th quarter this game. :wink:

....yup Pigseye....the Bombers can't save themselves to the end of every quarter ..and game...I would like to see us come out firing right from the get-go :rockin: ....the BluenGold offence is very capable of putting good numbers on the's hoping they get going early....should be a good hard-hitting tussle.. :thup:

Exactly, just need early momentum to carry us through the whole game.

Heah! if those guys could play the whole game the way the play the fourth quarter, it would be quite the show. Let's hope they break out of this thing soon. It will happen but today? Go get em Bombers!

Sounds like a good game, and didn't Hamilton take both pre-season games? I'm gonna turn it on right now.

Played the game plan to near perfection I would say, Maas moved the TiCats but had to settle for field goals, how many times were they even in the red zone, 3 maybe 4 the entire game, and one was on a Roberts fumble, and one should have picked by Logan in the end zone. The Cats have a long way to go yet.