Winnipeg Grey Cup the HOT TICKET***

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The Bombers have been pleasantly surprised by the number of season-ticket holders who decided to shell out to reserve their seats for the big game.

The deadline for season ticket holders to renew, and pay for their Cup seats, was Saturday.

"Our response has been extremely good," Bomber president/CEO Lyle Bauer was saying yesterday.

"As a matter of fact, it's better than expected. Probably 90% of the tickets we are selling are in that top price category.

"Our (season ticket) renewals are way ahead of last year. And over 60% of our people purchasing season tickets are also taking their Grey Cup tickets. That's a very good number."

Of course, that means something less than 40% of season ticket holders aren't buying a Cup ticket right now. But, apparently, the number of skeptics is smaller than anticipated.

Things got so backed up at the Bomber office -- we are last-minute Larrys in this town, after all -- that Bauer has extended the deadline until this Friday.

"I made a proclamation today," Bauer said. "That we are going to continue to sell them and hold people's Grey Cup tickets this week, because it has been very hectic. The phones have been very busy, and some people probably weren't able to get through."

The early response has to be encouraging for Bauer and Co., considering what happened back in 1998, the last time the 'Peg hosted The Cup.


The team barely broke even when the game drew the smallest Cup crowd in the last 30 years (34,157), and even that number was inflated by last-minute discounts.

Of course, the Bombers had little lead time in '98, having taken on the game as a favour to the league, and less hope of reaching the playoffs.

Bauer says anybody waiting to see what happens to ticket prices in '06 will be disappointed.

"If you've noticed in the last five or six years, there's been a marked change in the discount or freebie strategies associated with our football club," Bauer said. "The interest in the Grey Cup game has changed measurably in the last number of years. I guess people can wait if they want. The indicators we have is they aren't going to wait."

If you're not a season ticket holder, though, you'll have to wait.

Cup tickets won't be available to the general public until March or April, after season ticket holders from other CFL teams get a crack at them.

If all goes according to plan, all 45,000 seats will be sold well before the weather turns cold next fall.

Bauer doesn't even want to think about the alternative.

It'll cost more than $6 million to host the Cup, including a $3 million guarantee to the CFL.

"It's too much risk for a break-even proposition," Bauer said.

Particularly for a community-owned franchise that's on the verge of being out of debt for the first time since the 1980s.

WOOHOO! WINNIPEG IS #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great news for sure. You can't compare the 90's decade, this was a decade of the "end of the CFL" as I'm sure Paul Godfrey was hoping and doing everything he could to make it happen. And it almost did. Godfrey had everyone believing that the NFL was coming to Toronto and was hoping to get rid of the Argos for this NFL dream and to get rid of them as they presented competition for summer sports fans dollars in Toronto.
Now that we all know the NFL ain't coming to Toronto for a very, very long time, and the current owners of the Argos realized this and spent their home-town dollars on the club, things are a lot more normal and as each year passes and the Skydome or Rogers Centre becomes less and less of a stadium that the NFL would want to play a game at, Godfrey will become more and more silent as his credibility would look downright silly. He'll be sticking with talking about his Jays, and that is the way it should be.
The CFL is getting back to where it used to be in the "prior to the supposedy NFL stadiums in Canada in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal." Now people everywhere know in this country that if you want to watch in person professional football here, it is the CFL!

That's great news. When BC plays Toronto in next year's cup. The Winnipeg players will be around to party with the fans! :wink:

OK!.....45,000 seats...... and I want one!!!!! I will be dialing the phone whenever the general public tickets go on sale, and I hope I get one, because I will be none too happy if i don't!!

But I have faith and believe that I am meant to go to this game :smiley:

where u from, geo?

Ohio usa (don't hold that against me :roll: ) And I'm saving my pennies to go to the Grey Cup in Winnipeg

Why only 45,000 seats being sold. I may be wrong, but the last time Winnipeg had the Cup wasn't capacity in excess of 50,000? Is it possible once and if this number sells out and possibly early on, then maybe they will add seats.

if my senile old mind doesnt fail me, I think most of those seats had obstructed views and werent worth the price…just another reason to get a new stadium in place here…that rat infested peice of crap we have now needs major work…

everyone seems to want a new stadium....hamilton ti-cats forum is cryin foul over halifax's commonwealth rep win...they feel THEY shoulds won the canadian rep and get a second stadium before halifax gets a first....cry babys. :cry:

all winnipeg needs with a local owner who cares and will fix the place up abit...much like bob young has fixed IWS in hamilton, and montreal's owner has gotten the govn to fix molson stadium.

What bugs me more than anything is that they, the municipal government, built an NHL arena in Hamilton, Copps Coliseum, for a team that didn't exist and never came! No money for Ivor Wynne where a team has existed for decades but lots for no team! Unreal.
If it weren't for Bob Young buying the TiCats, there may not be any TiCats in Hamilton right now and now new video board or new paint etc.
Every time I think of Copps, it disgusts me. It and the people who built it basically destroyed junior OHL hockey here, what a shame. Sure Copps is nice but now is getting older and needs upgrading. Bulldoze the thing down and build a new combo football stadium and 9,000-11,000 seat arena and get the OHL back in town, Grey Cups, Memorial Cups.
Ok, I am fuming now! :evil:

I agree the Hamilton should get an OHL team, but they would have to let there AHL go, or maybe the Bulldogs can jump into the OHL?

the GC in the Peg will be Montreal VS. WINNIPEG! if Edmonton can come back from "thrid" place in the West to make it to the Cup, so can the Bombers. BELIEVE!

I hope that the attendence will be 50,000, but considering that the GC in Vancouver was just under 60,000, a sold out crow of 45,000+ would be great.

and Winnipeg needs a new stadium cuz Winnipeg Stadium, great as it is, is well outdated.

Not sure how the MTS Centre was funded but if it was munically funded, well, it looks like a very nice, maybe too nice, arena for the AHL? Were the people in Winnipeg looking for an NHL team? Again perhaps a case of spending to get an NHL team and forgetting about the team that is already there, in this case of course the Bombers.
Now I agree, the CFL was on very shaky grounds in the 90's (see my post above) but now that things look more stable, it is time to invest in football in places like Winnipeg and Hamilton!

Yeah, Winnipeg is trying for an NHL team and it looks like they will be successful.

No offence, Earl, but Hamilton has no chance at getting an NHL team cuz it's sandwiched between Buffalo and Toronto (which could merged with Hamilton in the distant future), the Geography is against them.

Winnipeg has no strings attached and if it weren't for a very corrupted owner and an unrealitist expanding NHL market to the south ("The Hockey Hot Bed"), the Jets would still be in Winnipeg now.

No offence taken KK as, IMO, you are exactly right about Hamilton and an NHL team here, although I'm not so sure our politicians, at least some, would agree with this.
Winnipeg would be a much better location, no infringement on other teams territory as you say.

I hate to say it though, but it's the truth and it hurts.

But hey, Hamilton has a pro team in the TIGER-CATS!!! and will one day have an CHL/OHL team again, but AHL does it for now.

and they will get a new Stadium as they say they need in the near future.

no one or thing is gonna destroy the CFL or the Ti-Cats, Hamilton would revolt if that happened.

Actually, the truth doesn't hurt for me. I really don't care about the NHL coming to Hamilton in the least. I only have so much money for sports entertainment and I spend about $850 per year on seasons tickets for myself and my wife here. I see enough hockey on TV and when I really need to go to a game, about once a year, I go to Buffalo, easy to get tickets there.
What I really want is an OHL team again, cheap hockey entertainment with a ton of history and the right to go for the Memorial Cup. I couldn't care less about the Calder Cup. I grew up in London, Ont and went to lots of Knights games, I love the OHL, not as much as the CFL but close.
New stadium? Well, now this is would really like, not that I don't like Ivor Wynne, I do like it, it's just that football is so much in my heart I would love to see a new stadium here for urban renewal or whatever, it would be great. I like football stadiums better than hockey arenas, not sure why, mabye it's an outdoor thing.
No one destroying the CFL or TiCats? Come on, Paul Godfrey has tried to do this for years for his Jays here in southern Ontario. At least now a lot of people would revolt (except for a lot of Hamiltons dorky politicians who still don't care about the Cats and CFL and only care about an NHL team) and hopefully Bob Young stays around as owner here. He has gone on record as saying it is unlikely the NHL will come to Hamilton so hopefully some of our brain-dead politicians will listen to him and turn their attention to the Cats. But enough, I'll shut up, for now anway.

Ti-cats are Hamilton pro team! and and nothing and no body is gonna change that. Unless they have a death wish.

Even though the NHL has flopped in the US, guys you are dreaming to think the NHL will come back to Canada. We sold our game to the Americans years ago and for them to go "backwards" to the cities that left, aint going to happen. But, of course it is OK to go back to US markets that have no hockey history?

Sadly have to agree with Argotom, unless we can get rid of Bettman.