Winnipeg Gold Uniforms are Ugly...

I am watching the Argos Bombers Game..

The Bombers Jersey Look like Spud Sacks with Numbers on them :lol:

The Helmets are Ugly Too :lol:

Any Else Agree..

i like them-at least they have thier colours on them,the numerals are different but i like them too.the helmet should be a different colour though!

i think they're alright...too bad it couldnt have been a different teams regular jersey, cuz i think the bombers regular jersey is one of the nicest in the league.

Agree with you 100% Drummer, Bombers home jersey (normal) is the best, if contested by Cats and Sask...but they need blue helmets tonight...

Doing a nice job of the Argo's tonight, too!

watching both the bombers games, they easily coulda been 2-0 after this game...

they gave last week away, and they are letting toronto stick around when it should be a blowout.

New QB, and fans really have little confidence in Glenn...But Roberts really walking the walk, Brown is a rock, Simpson showing value for investment...teams should learn to beat the Bombers early and often, because in mid to late season they are going to be a lot tougher than is generally creditted...

I don't mind the jerseys.......I like the blue writing and the W on their shoulders.....Argos look awful tonight. They always struggle in Winnipeg.

Well, actually, I like the uniforms the Bombers are using tonight. I hadn't thought that gold colour could look good as the colour of a jersey, but I think it does. I also like the use of the retro logo. (Some might hope it gives Ticat management an idea.) :slight_smile:

But what's significantly more ugly than the Winnipeg uniforms is the blue team's play. In particular, the play of Ricky Williams. Last time I checked, he has gained a net toal of 3 yards on 7 carries. And at the half, the blue team offense had only 43 passing yards.

But Charles Roberts looks like he was serios when he said he wanted to prove he's still the league's best RB. Brown and Simpson have also been impressive. And I was thinking Winnipeg would wish they had Hebert and Woodson (why did Sean Woodson retire anyway?)

yeah, the comination of a tough Winnipeg defense + an anemic Argo offense = disaster for Toronto

I also like the Winnipeg uniforms tonight.....

As far as the game itself.....well, it sure looks like Winnipeg studied the film on Spergeon Wynn.......but down by 10, you never know what the Argos will pull off with 6 minutes left.... :cry:

Argos offence looks like ... well, like a team playing with an inexperienced back-up at QB. Unfortunately, last week they all looked like seasoned pros.

Just wild speculation here, but could it be that the defence they played last week has some serious, serious issues?


Winnipeg seems to play Toronto well in Manitoba......they looked awesome tonight and the Argos looked bad.

And that's why I'm sure some Ticats fans might have mixed emotions about this. With the way Wynn has been rushed, and has taken a few hits, how did he keep getting sufficient time to get complete passes away last week? But to what extent did Winnipeg studying the tapes from last week help them?

Anyway it's now over, and Winnipeg pulled off the 16-9 upset win. Roberts had at least 120 rushing yards, beating Williams by about 100. Winnipeg fans must have enjoyed that. And do you remember a thread that asked how CFL defences could stop Williams? Looks like the "he's only human" crowd is winning. :slight_smile: There really are no easy wins in the CFL.

Anyway, did you see that deep pass to Soward go through his hands toward the end of the game? A little too much butter from the popcorn that was on them may have caused that. :slight_smile: (Hey, I couldn't resist.)

Well, congrats on the first win Doug Berry, hope you enjoyed the Gatorade shower.

I also like the third jersey of the Bombers. Of course I've stated here before that I like the Retro look. (That's why I still have those platform shoes and bellbottom polyester suit...ala Herb Tarlek in my closet).

But I also can't help but wonder how Wynn and the Argos could look so good last week and so pathetic this week. I hope Kavis and the rest of our defense...ah hell.....I hope our whole team was watching this and learning from it. I really don't want our team to be dead last in the East.

You don't even need to watch tape to figure him out, even Walby pointed out many times last week that all Wynnes throws, about 90% of them were to the right and that he was locking onto his receivers, and every coach in the league should know that he stares at his first read too long. There's a reason why he was Winnipeg's fourth guy last year and it showed tonight.

Hopefully at some point Marshall realizes that Reed is not experienced enough and gives Suthrin a call.

Soward's dropped more than he's caught recently.

hopefully (for the Argos' sake) Wynn can have them at .500 or better come Allen's return

Good points. Wynn's passes last week were no always accurate, and he wasn't rushed enough times last week. And as I also mentioned earlier, he had receivers that made him look good.

And I also am not sure about Kavis Reed. I thought that perhaps both he and Jamie Barresi should have been replaced. And what is Don Sutherin doing these days anyway?

I thought their one time only (retro) sweaters looked pretty good tonight, as long as they are one time only! I thought their road uniforms last week in Montreal looked kind of High Schoolish. Who the heck decides what are appropriate uniforms in the league now, I though NIKE was doing that?

it is the throwback jersey, im sure its just temporary