Winnipeg gets Herbert

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Obviously this is a boost to the Winnipeg defence, hopefully he isn't a distraction in their locker room.

Let the Winnipeg fans start planning the grey cup parade.

Now that is a good pickup. He will out shine Homer Simpson! can't deny the guys talent... our 'd' is looking better all the time...I think if the Minister of Defense....Barrin Simpson takes him under his guiding hand...everything will be cool in the locker room....the Bomber just got a whole lot tougher....lookout...but we'll keep the parade on the back burner ...for now roughy... :wink: :arrow:

That is amazing news for bombers :lol: Simpson, and Hebert for LB thats wicked.

and its Hebert not herbert

Excellent pickup for the Bombers.....

Good signing......Now, because they pick him up on waivers instead of the dispersal draft, can they renegotiate his contract? Is that why they waited for the "waiver wire" so as to fit him in the salary cap?

solid pick up for the bombers...........

...probably don't know the terms of his contract as yet....but it'll cost a doubt.....but for this long as he is on the straight and narrow..should be worth it... :arrow:

yeah sportsman, there going to renegotiate.

I wonder if Dog Bounty Hunter will do an episode on him and nab him in the peg..........:slight_smile: he cleared to enter the country?........


and piggy that would be soooo funny :lol:

great pick up for the big one can say we suck now were a huge threat now

I heard something like a 4 year 1 million.....I dont know if this is true or not...

........not to rain on your parade because I think this is a helluva signing for you guys, but are you not the least bit worried this comes on the same day there are published reports of possible financial trouble ahead for the club?......

not with us hosting the grey cup.

Just wondering...why didn't the BB's take him in the dispersal draft. This way they will still be paying him the overpriced Ottawa contract. Maybe this was the only way they could get him.
The BB's are spending like those drunken sailors from least that's what the Ticat fans say about the Argos and they're never wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:
But anyway congratulations Bombers He Bear is a difference maker. That front 7 is starting to look pretty tough.

cause now we can reconstruct his contract. and we didnt have to pay his bonus straight up. he'll be real happy about that.....