Winnipeg Gets $700,000 For Move To The East

A poster brought up a good question in another post; Was there a save the Renegades rally? The Jets had one when they were about to fold? The Riders had a save the Riders telethon when they were in trouble, how about the Gades? Did the fans get out to show they supported a team being there and didn't want them to leave?

Bauer said it best " the Bombers represented the east 5 times and that pisses people off".
Well this year will be the sixth time, and at home to boot. Start crying now..

Hey, just part of the Canadian way, we like to piss each other off and in the end, we all say what the heck and have a beer together!

I would not have a beer with an Eskimo fan, anyone else I would

Oops, I should have known that BB!


...It seems we will have a little cash to secure a top notch player or two from tomorrows dispersal....I've always wondered what it felt like... to be like the Esks......a little extra here... a little extra there...maybe we could get acustomed to it...If this sounds a little smug....forgive me....This is like a 180 degress turn-around for if we can parlay this into a win or two...that would be even better...looking forward to 06...even though it is in the east.. :wink:

.....wonder who the livid governor was?.......the BBs may have made awoke a sleeping dog.........B.C? Sask? Ham?......

Supersmith tried to organize one, but only 6 people showd up to the meeting at the Local Tim Hortons. The other 6 people were protesting in the Mayors office

...lets just face the facts Sporty.....Ottawa fans hardly came out in droves to support their club....and I feel sorry for the ones that did they have no club...IF someone buys the franchise and trys to revive the Ottawa market ...they will have to take into consideration it will be a long up-hill climb to put this franchise in a win-win situation...and on top of that I would hope the league will definitely secure written gurantees from the next owner...before attempting to go another round...failing that.... seek another market in the east....they do exist..those unfortunately are the facts..:or fortunately depending on how you want to look at it.. :!:

I hear the gleibermans are looking for an expansion team for Windsor.........:slight_smile:

i doubt they will let the glibs back in the league for the (counting) FOURTH TIME!!!!!

Roughy, the last time we had a rally here before the Rough Riders folded, it was a huge event. I was there.
And then there was a rally when the Sens were in trouble, way before Melnyk rode into town.
And you know what, I remember all the other cities screaming that either team should not be propped up by either other teams or gov't. Remember John Manley's backtracking on helping the Sens? Guess that's what happens when your the Nation's Capital. The optics are not very good.

And another thing, how could we hold a rally when this was dumped on us all of a sudden? Why didn't Tom Wright get his bean counting little arse back here from his Jamaican Jerk-off vacation when he knew full well there was trouble?
So we have had rallies here in the past for our sports teams. Just like all the out of towners who travel here to rally on Parliament hill complaining about their plights.

If the Gliebs ever come back as owners, well, that would be the end of the league I'm sure.
But you know, I wonder how they would have done here in Hamilton? I'm curious but we will never know, but Hamilton is a different kettle of fish than Ottawa, I'm thinking that maybe they would have been accepted here more. Who knows, this is all history now I guess.

why the hell would a western team come eastern.== theyre named after western cities and provinces for god sakes-seems pretty ***** stupid...

Its because they needed to make the divisions even. Makes more sense than moving say BC east.