Winnipeg Gets $700,000 For Move To The East

Winnipeg Gets $700,000 For Move To The East

This helps Winnipeg a lot!

Bombers to get $700,000 for latest switch to East
Compensation left one governor livid

Tue Apr 11 2006

By Ed Tait
IT'S not going to get the Winnipeg Blue Bombers out of debt, but their Canadian Football League compatriots have apparently made it financially worthwhile for their sixth division switch in the last 19 years.

CFL sources said yesterday it was decided during meetings in Toronto on Sunday that the Bombers would receive $100,000 from each team -- $700,000 in total -- for being forced to move from the West to the East Division with the demise of the Ottawa Renegades.

That move apparently had at least one governor leaving the meetings positively livid.

"There is certainly some consideration for Winnipeg moving to the East. However, we will maintain the confidentiality of that agreement with the board of governors," Bombers president Lyle Bauer said. "But I'm certainly not going to apologize for any consideration that our club or our fans will receive for being bounced back and forth from division to division.

"I will say, though, that the line to join the East Division was very short. I didn't see anybody else lining up to go to the East."

Bauer did say he believes Bomber faithful won't be put off with the switch, having been through it so many times before.
"This isn't new to us, this isn't new to our fans, this isn't new to our club," Bauer said. "Look, nobody sees Winnipeg as an eastern city and nobody really wants to. But we're talking about football and sport... Give our fans credit: They don't support an eastern or a western team per se; they support the Blue Bombers regardless of who we're playing.

"We had great traditional and geographic rivalries in the West for a long, long time," he said. "But we also developed some very significant rivalries in the East when we were there. A lot of people don't like us in the East... We represented the East in the Grey Cup five times and I don't think a lot of people out there like that."

DEPT. OF CORRECTIONS: The revised Bomber schedule that appeared in yesterday's paper included an error. The team's Week 14 game is Friday, Sept. 15th, not Saturday, Sept. 16th.

BOMBER FAMILY LOSES ONE: Former Bomber assistant coach Joe Faragalli (1967-69, 1974-76) passed away yesterday in Rhode Island. He was 76. Faragalli also served as head coach of both the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Eskimos.

It may help the Bombers financially but it wont help them on the field, as they will finish last in the East this year.

wow.........we need to move to the east every 3 years with that kind of dough being passed out..........I heard one of the govenors (nameless) was pretty pissed about bellying up the money.........hopefully we sign some talent with it and stomp the competition in the east this year........:slight_smile:

......sorta makes sense......the BBs would've budgetted already for the majority fo their plane flights and such being in western Canada, but now with the shift to the east there are going to be many longer flights to points east.....but if this is the logic behind it why doesn't Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton get compensated for more flights to Winnipeg?....

Sorry pigseye, the Bombers will end up in last in the east this year, I can feel it in my gut. Sorry I have to be so honest here.


We just want to be nice to Winnipeg, we will let them have the money since they are community owned.


Just maybe Earl, the feeling in your gut is just gas...
We'll just have to wait n see, try some pepto, and a few rolaids..

When hank should I try this stuff, after we kick the living daylights out of you every time we play the Bumbers this year?

lol........lay off the burritos thinks third possibly even second depending on who stays healthy..........

Well, I have noticed in the past that burritos can cause gas, but then maybe this gas can be used to spray all the ponds out there to get rid of those sqeeties you guys have lots of from what I've heard!

earl..........jason maas, as far as I can recall, has never won a game in his career in winnipeg.....................

Interesting if this is true. Well, I will mention this to him when I meet him at the meet and greet thing we have here when they introduce the players. Should motivate him, not that this guy needs much motivating from what I can see. But I have to admit I like Kevin Glenn, met his mom at last years Damon Allen qb challenge, super lady. Just don't know if he has what it takes to win a championship though.

Wow, and yet they wouldn't put up just a bit more each to keep the Renegades afloat until new ownership was found.
Something is rotten in Denmark.
Can't wait to read the Ottawa Newspaper Sports sections tomorrow, and tune in to the radio for feedback.
Wow, this really hurts.

Supersmith, you know that this is a jab, the suspension of the team that is, agains't your city council and mayor there, not agains't the fans at all. No league wants to hurt the fans but, just like war, sometimes the innocent do get in the line of fire unfortunately.

It wouldn't have been just a little more, it would have been a lot more to support Ottawa. Especially looking at the losses the Gliebs poorly run show put up in their short time there.

I thought it would have only amounted to 200k from all teams, with Glieb. covering the first $2M loss, and any further losses that exceeded $4.5M.

Was that the deal if Ottawa stuck around?

$2.5 million/8 = $312,500 from each team.

What would happen next year or the year after if the Renegades don't have an owner?

Well, I had heard that the Gliebs offer to support the first however-many-dollars was rejected by the CFL - I don't know why.
But I would absolutely have been in favour of the league propping up the team for one last year, while they look for an owner ... and if no owner had been found for the start of 2007, then fold the team.
However, if, this way, the other 8 teams all save money, and an owner is found for the Renegades, and the Renegades come back stronger than any Ottawa team has been in 30 years ... then I guess that's the best situation ... I guess.

This is . They turned down 2.5 million from Gooberman and then give 100 k each to Winnipeg ? WTF is going on ? Why wouldn't they have Ottawa playing all their games on the road as an alternative to folding the Renegades. THe CFL Governors are bullshitting Ottawa fans. Bush League