Winnipeg game July 26: Can we beat them?

Winnipeg is undefeated and appears to be getting stronger by the week. Margin of victory from their first game to their most recent game: 10 (BC), 7 (EDM), 15 (OTT), 27 (TOR), 30 (OTT).

Ticats are off to their best start in years and finally ended the streak against CAL, but the blow-out wins of June that padded our stats seem like a long time ago.

In total points for and against, HAM is #1 and #2 (187-100), while WPG is #2 and #1 (169-80). Many of the power rankings have us rated #2 to their #1.

What is the key to beating these guys?

I belive this game will be won or lost in the trenches.

The O line has its work cut out, with protecting the QB. The ball has to get out quick and to the right team.

The D line has to get to their Qb mixed in some db blitzes. There is no way our Dbs can cover their recievers for a long time.
Slow down the run.

Special teams, give good field position, and no missed blocks when we are kicking.

If we make half the errors we made against calgary, we’ll be done by half time.

Looking at Winnipeg’s schedule, and all of their games have been against weaker teams - Toronto, BC, Edmonton, and Ottawa. (Yes, I’m including Edmonton and Ottawa as weaker teams.) The Ticats, on the other hand have played Montreal (surprisingly good lately) and Calgary (historically good, although without their starting QB).

I’m leaning towards us having had a slightly tougher schedule. Not by much, though.

I predict a very close game, hopefully won by the home team.

Almost always true, and certainly looks like it will be the case here.

What confounds things is that Harris is such a threat that the Cat D line will have their work cut out trying to get pressure on Nichols.

Return of Van Zeyl should help with protection of Masoli. If our scheme this week lets Masoli threaten with his feet a little more, that could help ease pressure as well.

Good point CFIO. A quick glance at the standings and Winnipeg looks quite formidable at 5-0 but upon closer inspection their schedule has been rather weak so far just like the Cats.

If Masoli/Condell can get this offence rolling consistently then we should be able to take the Bombers.

Cats will also need to figure out how to contain Lucky Whitehead. That guy can be a one man wrecking crew. Maybe assign Breaux to shadow him.

Davis Sanchez from the CFL on TSN panel predicts a big night for Jeremiah.

Only the first 1:08 of this video relates:

After seeing Sanchez’s picks from last week, I am not that encouraged by his opinion.?

Keep an eye on Danial Petermann if he gets to play. He’s had very little playing time so far but every time he’s had a chance he’s been very impressive. And since he’s from Stoney Creek he’ll have lots of family and friends to cheer him on.

I’m calling a win for us in a close one.

The key to beating Winnipeg is scoring more points then they do, by the end of the game.

They will do that by being a better team.

200 career yards in 23 games. Less than 10 yards receiving a game…bigger concerns but welcome home Daniel.

wish you well next week.

If the Bombers D brings the pressure early we’re done. Masoli always cracks under pressure.

What was that about tiring again?



except when he was voted Most Outstanding Player in the East in his only full season starting.

Hopefully we have a game plan for that. ;D

Well, that seems a bit obvious. But then, to me, it also seems obvious that when it’s 2nd and 7 you should try to get 7 yards rather than 3, and yet our play-callers don’t always agree.

7 yards? hell, we call to throw for 10.

Just it’s along the line of scrimmage, and not forward :slight_smile: