winnipeg game free ticket swap


In my season tickets I got two free endzone tickets to the July Winnipeg game. Did every season ticket holder get the same game? I appreciate the freebie, but it's a game I'll probably not be able to attend due to work. I'm bringing a vanload to the August 8 game. If anyone has two for the Edmonton game in August that they would like to swap for the Winnipeg game, please let me know.



With my season tickets i got 1 ticket to that game. Putting it with the flex pack I bought for my dad for father's day.

I spoke with someone who just bought season tix and the ticket rep told them that you get 1 free ticket for each season ticket you purchase to one of the first 3 games of the season.

I don't have the Edmonton game to swap, but I can confirm that not everyone got the same game: Mine are for the BC game on July 31.

I got extra 1 Ticket to Home opener July 1st Gave it to my Youngest Brother

8) That is correct. One free ticket for each season ticket you have. The free tickets are for the first 3 games of the regular season only, and the value of the free tix is equal to the price of your season ticket.